Ragnarok Mobile EP5.0 adds Assistant’s Medal of Honor and 6 new assistants to the game. Unlocking these new assistants grants access to additional shops to spend your new currency.

Assistant’s Medal of Honor

You may have noticed by now that the Assistant reward system has changed. Previously completing daily tasks would provide rewards based on reaching intimacy levels

Now these daily tasks will instead reward Assistant’s Medal of Honor, which can be spend on your choice of rewards. That’s great, as now you can pick and choose your rewards.

Need more Blue Big Cat Vouchers? You can now buy them for 100 Assistant Medals each.

Additionally, you no longer have to worry about completing all your daily tasks every day of the week. Instead you have a weekly cap of 1,800 medals with daily tasks rewarding 50 Medals each.

There are 13 Daily Tasks in total. You can potentially fill 650/1,800 of your weekly quota in a single day. Once you reach this quota you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the week.

Oh, and if that’s not enough. There are medal rewards for Weekly tasks too!

The New Assistants

All the assistants now live in “The Room of Choice”. To visit them first enter the Prontera Castle (North Portal of Prontera). You should now be in the Prontera Royal 1F.

Go ahead and enter the top left portal (See Above).

Unlock New Assistants

There are 6 new Assistants you can unlock. Here are their details:

AssistantUnlock ReqShop
CocoMidnight Party Event**Honor Proof, Praying Card Pack, Shining Glass Bead, Belief Token, Gold Medal, Contribution
MillerMidnight Party Event**Mora Coin, Oracle Dust, Oracle Crystal, Mithril, Oridecon, Elunium
IsfieldComplete EP4.0 version challengeAssorted Mysterious Box and Chests
StarlotComplete Growth Plan VIElemental Arrows, Holy Water, Madogear Fuel, Shell, Rough Runestone, Wall Paint
Sicily ConnieComplete EP4.0 version challengeBlack Wing, Clock, Snowman, Floating Coin, Ancient Mithril Coin, Broken Blade, Memory Gem, Christmas Socks, Lava Gem, Wraith Dust, Death's Breath
Sicily LennaComplete Growth Plan VIDemon Crystal, Cat Grass, Lemegeton Tear, Lemegeton Fur, Red Ribbon, Guardian Medal, Topaz, Amethyst
**If you didn't get the tickets from the event, you can purchase them for 100k each from Mitt the Mastela Fruit Boy in Prontera

Accessing The Shops

Once unlocked you can simply toggle through each Assistant Shop. To do so, first double tap on your Assistant Medals to open the Assistant Shop.

Next, expand the assistant list by selecting the assistant icon (next to top left of shop window). Now you can pick and purchase from any of the assistant shops you have unlocked.