This Auto Chess Patch adds the new Goddess of Light piece and the Insectoid race to the game. In addition the Divinity, Priest and Kira Synergies have been updated to accommodate the new changes.

Auto Chess Team Builder has been updated with the new Goddess of Light piece and Insectoid Race. Plan your new build!

Patch Notes

[Chess Piece]

  1. Goddess of Light (New) Divinity; Priest
  2. Venomancer (Adjusted) Goblin, Kira; Warlock
  3. Lord of Sand (Adjusted) Beast, Insectoid; Assassin
  4. Poisonous Worm (Adjusted) Insectoid; Warlock

[Racial Synergy]

  1. Insectoid (2) (New): When there are duplicate non-Insectoid allied pieces on the chessboard and one of them dies, summons a random insectoid piece based on the highest cost among the living duplicates.
  2. Kira (2) (Remake): If any allied melee pieces die, increases max HP by 25%, ATK by 25% for all allied Kiras, can be stacked 8 times.
  3. Divinity (2)/(3) (Remake): Reduces Ability CD by 50%/75% for all allied Divinities and other allies whose Race’s synergies are not triggered.
  4. Priest (2) (Adjusted): When the chessplayer receives more than 2 damage, blocks 20% of the damage received; and when the chessplayer receives more than 8 damage, randomly recovers +1 to +5 HP.

[Chess Pass]

  1. You will have more options when purchasing the Senior Pass: you could choose to purchase the full set of it, or stage by stage. Please check the details below:
    Stage 1: Pass Lv.1 – 10 (Prize: 150 Donuts)
    Stage 2: Pass Lv.11 – 30 (Prize: 250 Donuts)
    Stage 3: Pass Lv.31 – 60 (Prize: 300 Donuts)
    Stage 4: Pass Lv.61 and plus (Prize: 150 Donuts)
  2. After purchasing the different stage of the Senior Pass, your nickname will turn into an exclusive color with a special icon


  1. The match in Novice mode is adjusted into battles against 15 rounds of difined creeps
  2. Added leaderboard based on character levels, with a sub-division by Country/Region
  3. Integrated “Red – Unique” and “Green – Uncommon” qualities, and adjusted the quality for some Decoration items
  4. Added “Competitive lobby” mode in Custom Lobby, added “Judge” role to pause/resume the match
  5. Added “Vibrate when match founded” switch in [Settings]


  1. Optimized Settlement interface and loading interface
  2. You could now check the chessboard in use when consulting other player’s profile
  3. Optimized purchase process, once purchased, the pack will be opened automatically
  4. Enriched chess pieces’ animation in Illustration, Store and in-battle interfaces
  5. Optimized the binding process with Pocket Auto Chess