The Mysterious Memento Lens Unlock Quest Location in Genshin Impact can be found in Konda Village (Explore the bottom of the well and the Abandoned Shrine quest).

The Mysterious Memento Lens is required for unlocking the Empty Boat of Thousand Gates Domain.

Konda Village

  1. The quest chain starts at Konda Village (found on the West side of Narukami Island).
  2. Take the waypoint then head slightly North East (See Above). There you will find a shrine maiden standing infront of a Kitsune (Fox) Statue. Speak to her to begin the quest.

Explore the bottom of the well

  1. You’ll eventually obtain a key to unlock the well.
  2. Inside you will find a red gate surrounded by purple glowing lanterns.
  3. You will need to adjust each lantern to match the pattern that is displayed in the middle of the red gate (See Above).
  4. You will find another Electrogranum to the right of the red gate. Interact with it and look up to find a barrier to pass through.
  5. You will find a Rust-Worn Key on a table. You will need this later.

Tip: Stuck behind a barrier? Summon an Electrogranum to pass through.

The Abandoned Shrine

  1. The Abandoned Shrine can be found North East of Konda Village (See Above). Speak to the Mysterious Shadow in front of the shrine to continue the quest.
  2. There are 3 Mysterious Shadow to interact with. They will change locations each time you speak with them until they are positioned next to the trio of fox statues south of the Shrine.
  3. Once the Mysterious Shadows are in their position go grab the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary Scroll and head to the Grand Narukami Shrine.
  4. Speak to the shrine maiden to receive the Mysterious Memento Lens.

Mysterious Memento Lens

  1. The Mysterious Memento Lens can be used to interact with Earth Kitsune Statues (fox statues).
  2. You can now head back to the Abandoned Shrine to continue the quest chain.

Continue the Quest: Find the Barrier