Here are 5 Combat Tips to help you survive and kill more zombies and use less carrots in Last Day on Earth.

1. Sneak Attack

Number 2 in our 10 Beginner Tips guide. Crouching and sneaking behind zombies do 3x damage. Pretty obvious by now right? But this leads to our second point.

2. Switch Weapons

To make the most of your 3x damage switch to higher damage weapons like the Skull Crusher or Saw Blade Mace. Just try to avoid overkill, you don’t need to deal 100 damage to a 40 HP zombie.

Although these weapons deal massive damage they do swing quite slow. Switch back to your faster (high DPS) weapon to finish them off.

3. Kite Hoards

Too many zombies? Try switching to a heavy damage weapon to one shot them whilst kiting away. This will minimize the damage you take and save those carrots.

This works best on enemies with slower attack animations. Oh and yes you can use this technique on single zombies too to save even more carrots!

4. Split Enemies

This one is situational. Sometimes you can split your enemies and fight them in more favorable numbers.

Typically this can be done where part of the mob chasing you is moving at a different speed. Otherwise you’ll need some sort of long wall to run around to split them up.

5. Equip Two Guns

When killing Frenzied Giants equip two guns. This will prevent your character from charging into death should your active weapon break.

Just make sure the secondary gun is placed in your primary pocket (pocket slot closest to your backpack slot).