Can a Ranger get 480 Attack Speed Exceed Break without Priest Buffs? Yes, and you don’t need +10 Adventurer Bag either. Let’s look at how!

Before we start, this build is showcased with a Base Level 120 and Job Level 60 Ranger. This isn’t a requirement however the higher your level the more stats you will have to work with.

You will need Ymir’s Notebook for resetting your skills and stats

Lv. 15 Exceed Break

First you will need Exceed Break Lv. 15. Yup, this means 3rd Job Breakthrough and collecting Death Breath.

Exceed Break Lv. 15 sacrifices 70% ASPD and 30 Agi for +30 Dex, Int & Crit and +100% Crit. Dmg.

Other Skills?

Below is a Job Level 60 skill build for the above mentioned Exceed Break setup. Once you unlock Job Level 70 you can max Nature’s Protection.

Lv. 20
Vulture's Eye
Lv. 20
Improve Concentration
Lv. 10
True Sight
Lv. 3
Warg Rider
Lv. 10
Arrow Shower
Lv. 5
Splitting Arrows
Lv. 10
Ferity Awakening
Lv. 10
Fear Breeze
Lv. 10
Owl's Eye
Lv. 10
Heavy Arrow
Lv. 15
Trump Tamer
Lv. 15
Exceed Break
Lv. 20
Elemental Arrow
Lv. 20
Blitz Beat
Lv. 10
Wind Walk
Lv. 2
Nature's Protection
Lv. 20
Beast Mastery

Blueeve Cape VIII

You will need +10 Blueeve Cape VIII for that +10% Attack Speed. Luckily it’s not too expensive to get.

Brooch IV

Yup, just a single Brooch IV for that +5 Agi and +2% ASPD will do (Your other accessory can be Fairy in Bottle).

You don’t need an AGI Pin, though having one will save you some stat points.

Sack Teddy Shoes III

Sack Teddy Shoes III for that +6 Agi. Advanced Sack Teddy Shoes will give a bit more but again though it’s not a must it will save you some stat points.

Food Buffs

You can adjust these depending on how much unbuffed attack speed you have.

  • Agi Meal B
    AGI +10, Attack Speed +20%
  • Awakening Potion
    Attack Speed +15%
  • 6x Original Will Broth
    Attack Speed +21%

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Card Deposit and Unlock Bonus

You don’t need these but having them will save you more stat points.

  1. Loot Anolian Card (+1 Agi)
  2. Deposit Kukre Card (+1 Agi)
  3. Deposit Black Witch Star Card (+1 Agi)
  4. Loot Dark Priest Card (+1% ASPD)
  5. Loot Metaller Card (+1% ASPD)

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Agi Stat

Ok, so we’ve been mentioning saving stat points a lot. This is in reference to how many stat points you will need to spend on Agi.

The rest of your stats can go into Dex then Luk. Good thing Exceed Break also increases Crit, meaning you will still have a good amount of Crit chance with less stats in Luk.

Here’s how to check how much you will need

  1. Eat your food buffs (as mentioned above).
  2. Make sure you have your True Sight skill active.
  3. Activate your level 15 Exceed Break.
  4. Open your stat and character window (see above) and allocate points into AGI until you have 480 ASPD.

That should do it. As you can see in the above image there’s plenty of stat points left over to max Dex and even an ample amount of Luk (the above provided 110 Crit).

Congrats on achieving 480 Attack Speed Exceed Break!


Don’t forget to unlock your Exceed Break Mastery Runes. You’ll receive an extra +10 Dex and Int!

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