ragnarok mobile archer skeleton star card

Thanks to romexchange it’s much easier to look up and compare SEA vs Global exchange prices. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, go give it a bookmark. It can be quite useful in helping you make better informed purchasing decisions.

Ok, so I was browsing through the card list and its prices and noticed something. (Not that Archer Skeleton Star Card … something else) Something that showed zeny saving potential. Here’s what I want to share with you. Lets first look at SEA vs Global prices of valuable craftable cards and the cards required to craft them:

% Difference
Goblin Archer Card
Goblin Card709,4841,311,71385%
Spore Card422,820597,46041%
2x YoYo Card882,4031,254,01842%
Hornet Card545,789893,26564%
Steam Goblin Card
Poison Spore282,460413,41046%
Chon Chon Card278,008428,07554%
Tarou Card432,313715,24365%
Gierth Card849,532994,90417%
Hornet Card545,789893,26564%
Rocker * Card
2x Rocker276,761817,842196%
100x Gram Dust--
Archer Skel * Card
Archer Skel7,862,72410,009,76227%
100x Gram Dust--

Now there are other cards currently in the market displaying similar price differences (SEA > Global). However I’d like to focus on these craftable cards as I believe there are some strong supporting points for their component prices to rise in the future:

Goblin Archer and Steam Goblin Card

ragnarok mobile craft steam goblin card
  • It’s likely that many players (especially those new to Ragnarok Mobile) have yet to consider crafting cards yet (Less current demand of component cards)
  • It’s likely that they will consider crafting these cards in the future. +5% to Crit Dmg is an essential loot/craft card bonus for any class relying on Crit. (More future demand)
  • Hornet Card – We expect supply to decline as more players progress past farming hornets.
  • Lvl 50 Growth pack rewards players with Old Card Book which contains many of these lower tier cards (Mine had a rocker card). We would expect the amount of players opening this card book from the growth pack to decrease over time. (Less future supply)

Rocker Star Card

  • Old Card Book, same as above
  • Players leveling alts in Rockers will decline over time. (Less future supply)
  • Two Rocker Cards are needed to craft the Rocker Star Card (Also need Gram Dust). The card provides +20 Atk and +2 Dex, as such is a suitable late game headgear card option. (Late game demand exists)

Archer Skeleton Star Card

Now I know the current percentage difference is 27%. However 2 days ago the card was selling at 6.5mil which would equate to roughly a 50% difference. That’s quite large considering how much the card costs. Although the difference is less now (maybe due to FOMO after we all missed out on snapping that Archer Skel Star Card). It may still be worth considering a purchase (if you have the extra zeny) as SEA prices are currently still indicating a higher value. Additionally these reasons support its higher value:

  • Archer Skeleton Star Card is considered best in slot (BIS) armor card for many classes as it provides 5% Atk and +2 Str. (Late game demand)
  • The opportunity cost of farming Archer Skeleton Card (including via Pet Adventure) is weighed up against the Minorous Card. The Minorous Card is currently hovering at around 10mil in SEA. Therefore if the Archer Skeleton Card were significantly valued at less than this amount players would simply opt to farm Minorous. (Lowering supply of the Archer Skeleton Card). Also being a BIS card crafting the Archer Skeleton Star Card is very much sought after by late game players. Especially those who have already obtained the Minorous card(s). Hence it wouldn’t make sense for there to be too much of a disparity between Minorous vs Archer Skeleton Card.


Hope this helps some Global players decide whether to invest in any of these cards right now. As always it’s up to you to decide where to spend your zeny, you may have better items to purchase right now. The way I see it is that you either overpay for items that you can benefit from now (but are in higher demand now). Or you can spend zeny on items that are currently affordable but neither you or current players really want them as there are bettery ways to spend that hard earned zeny.

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