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Unlock Adventure Rank F in Ragnarok Mobile by reaching Adventurer Level 10 and speaking with Kakaro in Prontera. You can now purchase the Wolf King Perception skill to see MVP monsters on your mini-map.

Prontera Adventure Rank NPC

kakaro prontera adventure rank upgrade

Req: Adventurer Level 10
Head to the top part of Prontera and speak to goku’s father Kakaro. Go purchase the ghost camera adventure skill from the Adventure Skill NPC next to Kakaro. It will set you back 30,000 zeny but you will need it to complete the upcoming quest.

adventure rank f steven rhine izlude

Kakaro will tell you to go speak with Steven Rhine in Izlude. You can find him on the right side of Izlude Island. Steven will give you a series of quests, each time you complete a quest you will have to go speak to Steven again to activate the next (Sigh… time to spend those butterfly wings):

The Tasks

reveal whispers ghost camera
  • Kill 10x Whispers (Ghost Ship) – locate the invisible whispers by their evil grin emoji. Next to reveal them, whip out your camera and snap a photo of them.
  • Kill 100x Pirate Skeletons (Sunken Ship)
  • Kill 50x Skeletons (Ghost Ship)

After completing the final quest, speak to Steven one last time and he will tell you to go back to Kakaro … Head back to Prontera and Kakaro will promote you to Adventurer Rank F.

wolf king perception adventure skill

Congratulations on Adventurer Rank F! You can now purchase Wolf King Perception Adventure Skill for 80,000 zeny. It will reveal MVP monsters on your mini map within 20m.

There’s also an adventure skill called “Adventurer Skill Socket I”. Do not mistake this for an auto skill slot (You get your next Auto Skill Slot at Adventurer Rank D). This skill instead adds another set of manual skill slots which can be useful when manually playing classes with numerous useful skills. In essence the additional skill bar is used to access skills that would otherwise not fit on your single bar of 6 equipped skills. In the early stages it would be a total waste of your precious 160,000 zeny.

What you get

Adventure Skills

  • Wolf King Perception – See MVP monsters on mini-map
  • Adventurer Skill Socket I – +1 Skill Bar
  • Poring Selfie Stick – See further and wider
  • Super Flashlight – Flashlight has a 50% chance to stun devil/ghost monsters for 3 sec

Pet Material Shop
Unlock Sweet Milk (80 Colorful Shell) – Savage Babe Pet Capture Item

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