ragnarok mobile unlock sakura puppet

Craft the Sakura Puppet and boost your damage.

The catch? The quest chain for unlocking the Sakura Puppet Blueprint is quite long. Additionally there are two prerequisite sets of quests you must complete before you can even start the Sakura Puppet quest.

But its worth it. Why? Well, the item provides 3x your Base Level in Normal Damage. At level 95 (Earliest level you can unlock it), that’s 285 Atk. It easily outclasses the quiver for snipers and often is preferred over the devil wing back piece depending on your build.

Visiting Amatsu

You will need to be Base Level 95 to start the quest. First head to Amatsu. To travel there speak to Karoo in Izlude. He’s the ship dude that warps you to Endless Island. Now speak to Nami. She will be right next to you upon arrival. Accept her “Field of Sakura” and “Sakura Season” quests (These will be instantly completed).

Unlock Engagement (Prereq Quest)

Before you can accept the Sakura Puppet quest you must first complete the engagement quest. To begin, speak with Hanako. Follow the chain of quests and eventually you’ll bump into a couple of stone statues called Ksitigarbha. They will ask you a few questions, the following are the answers to their quiz:

  • Lovesick Ksitigarbha – Save Her, Politely Refuse, Leaves
  • Warm Ksitigarbha – True, True, Pink
  • Sakura Ksitigarbha – Yes

Congrats Engagement Feature Unlocked. Now you can move onto the next prerequisite quest.

Fox King’s Smiling Face (Prereq Quest)

Now that you have unlocked the Engagement the next step is to unlock the Fox King’s Smiling Face Blueprint. To start the quest chain speak to Taro Hattori. The majority of the quests are straightforward, however there are two tasks we will go into that will help you breeze through it all. As you progress through the quest you will eventually be questioned by Chiyoko. The correct answers are as follows:

  • How many amount have the positive stats been increased by? 5
  • How many amount have the negative stats been increase by? 19

You’ll also encounter a quest called Sakura Spell – Find Paper Shikigami (See image above for location). Defeat the Paper Shikigami, play some rock, paper, scissors, defeat the Underlord Specter and you will unlock the Smile Assistance Fox King’s Smiling Face Blueprint.

Collecting Sakura Stamps

Now for the quest that actually unlocks the Sakura Puppet Blueprint. You will need to collect a total of 12x Sakura Stamps. Each day you can collect a maximum of 3 Stamps. Therefore it will take you at least 4 days to complete this quest. There are 3 NPCs in Amatsu that will reward you with 1 Stamp each for completing their daily task. Nami will want some photos of Amatsu locations, Petticoat will task you with collecting Sakura Petals and Skylark will ask you to give Sakura Pies to some NPCs. Once you have enough Sakura Stamps speak to Festival Envoy.

Spirits and Pillars

Nearly there, we’re on the home stretch now. Continue to complete the quests in Amatsu and you’ll run into those stone statues again. Here’s what to do for each statue:

  • Spirit of Spring – Answer: Sakura Pink
  • Spirit of Summer – Answer: Umbrella
  • Spirit of Autumn – *Just attack this one
  • Spirit of Winter– Answer: Karoo

Now for a few more quests. Eventually you’ll be asked to destroy some Enchantment Pillars. Here’s all you need to know to get this done:

Tsubaki’s Question
Q: “Where do you think the water is the purest?”
A: Divine Spring.

Enchantment Pillar Tie Sequence
Circle, Triangle, Square

Enchantment Pillar Untie Sequence
Triangle, Circle, Square

String the Steles to form a Pentagram
1, 4, 2, 5, 3 (See Diagram Above)

The remainder of the quest is quite straight forward. Defeat some evil and choose between Hideaki and Sakura (You can choose either).

Crafting Sakura Puppet

Congrats, you have now unlocked Sakura Puppet Blueprint. You can now purchase the blueprint for 4,410 Eden Coins from the Smile Assistance in Amatsu. To craft the back piece you will also need 620x Ice Cube, 6x Fang of Garm, 620x Temporal Crystal and 1x Mastela Fruit.