ragnarok mobile job breakthrough

Job breakthrough allows your character to extend its Job Level to 70. Once you reach transcendent job level 40 you will be given the quest “Agony Trial” (Looking for Job Breakthrough Answers to Quiz, see below). You can use the additional skill points received beyond Job Level 40 to extend certain skills above level 10. Additionally Job Level 70 is a prerequisite for for unlocking 3rd job classes.

Job Breakthrough Quest

ragnarok mobile job breakthrough quest sjilly

Got the Job Breakthrough quest? Go speak with Sjilly. Find her in the upper portion of Prontera next to Adventurers League HQ. She will ask you questions based on your class. Job Breakthrough answers to the quiz for each class:

Assassin CrossO, O, X, O, X, O, X, X, X, X
ChampionX, O, O, X, O, X, X, X, X, X
CreatorX, O, X, O, X, O, X, X, X, X
High PreistO, X, X, X, O, X, X, O, X, X
High WizardX, X, O, X, X, X, X, X, X, X
Lord KnightX, X, O, X, X, O, X, X, X, X
PaladinX, O, X, X, O, O, X, X, X, X
SniperX, O, X, X, O, O, X, X, X, X
StalkerO, X, O, O, O, X, X, X, X, X
WhitesmithO, X, O, O, O, O, X, X, X, X
ragnarok mobile job breakthrough quest higgy eez

After the quiz head to the Adventurers HQ next door to find Higgy Eez. Hand over 30 silver medals and 500,000 zeny to increased your job Level to 43.

Peak Shards for unlocking Job Level 70

ragnarok mobile job breakthrough npc guild hall

Players can extend their job level all the way to level 70. It costs 9 Peak Shards to add 3 levels to your job cap. You can purchase Peak Shards from your Guild Vending Machine.

You may spend either 20 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Badges or 20 Nibelungen Shards to purchase 1 Peak Shard. However you may only buy 1 Peak Shard per day per currency type. In other words you can buy a maximum of 3 Peak Shards per day.

Note: Both Peak Shards and Silver Medals are Not Transferable. On the other hand Nibelungen Shards can be transferred. Therefore you can first use your Alt’s Silver Medals to earn Nibelungen Shards via Guild Valhalla Raids. Then transfer these shards to your main character.

How long to Job Level 70

ragnarok mobile peak shard
RegPremiumWith Reserve Silver Medals
Levels Required
Job Lvl 42-70
Breakthrough times Required
(Levels Required/3)
Peak Shards Required
(9 Breakthrough Required x 9 Peak Shards)
less Bonus 9 Peak Shards from Assistant727272
Total Silver Medals Required1,4401,4401,440
Silver Medal Per Week80100140
(1,440/Silver Medals Per Week)

The above table estimates how long it will take for players to unlock Job Level 70 (when purchasing peak shards with just silver medals upon unlocking job breakthrough). Players can of course speed up this process by collecting peak shards before unlocking job breakthrough.

Additionally players can also purchase shards using the other two currencies (Nibelungen Shards and Gold Badges). Regular players can earn 80 silver medals per week, whilst Premium players can receive up to 100 silver medals per week.

The assistant will also award players a bonus 9 Peak Shards for completing the “Agony Trial” initial job breakthrough quest, getting 8 peak shards and conducting their first Peak Level Breakthrough. Therefore to uncap job level 70 you will need to purchase a total of 72 Peak Shards (Costing 1,440 Silver Medals). For regular players this translates to 18 weeks worth of Silver Medals and for Premium players this amounts to 14.4 weeks.

Even Faster

Both regular and premium players can speed up their Job Breakthrough progress by purchasing the maximum of 7 shards a week. This in turn reduces the required time to 10.29 weeks. However this will require the player to pay additional Silver Medals exceeding what they can earn in a week.

Regular players will need an extra 618 Silver Medals (10.29 weeks * 60 Silver Medals) and premium players will need an extra 412 Silver Medals (10.29 weeks *40 Silver Medals).

Start Buying Peak Shards!

You’ll want to have stashed up on Peak Shards before Unlocking Breakthrough. Otherwise you will hit a wall … fast.

Below is a Job Breakthrough Exp Chart (Job Level 41 – 70). You will notice that there is an exponential increase in the required exp as you progress towards Level 70. In essence you will level very fast in the beginning and dramatically slow down in later levels. For example Level 40-41 will require 2,548,640 EXP. However level 69-70 will require 61,677,170 EXP. That’s more than 20x the EXP!

Job LevelExpJob LevelExp

So how fast will I blast through breakthrough?

The first 3 Levels of breakthrough (Reaching Job Level 43) will require a total of 8,537,940 EXP. In comparison this is close to Transcendent Job Level 1-15.

I’m sure you remember flying through those first 15 levels. You also should be gaining exp much faster (Kill faster + higher Monster Resistance Quest Exp Pool). You’ll therefore likely blast through the first 3 levels on your first day of stamina after unlocking Job Breakthrough. As a consequence, if you haven’t stocked up on any peak shards your breakthrough is going to be very short lived ..

What happens when I hit the wall?

You’ll have to buy more shards of course and if you are only purchasing with Silver Medals its going to be a painstaking 9 day wait (Note: No additional Job Exp is gained after reaching your cap). You’ll then unlock 3 more levels, proceed to smash through those too, then crash into another wall … and so on.

So what can I do?

Buy peak shards before you hit Job Breakthrough. If you don’t plan on spending your Silver Medals on say Guild Valhalla anyway, why not purchase all the Peak Shards you’ll need. That way you wont have to wait. So how many do I need to purchase? See above … just kidding, in case you skipped the above, you’ll need to purchase a total of 72 Peak Shards (Scroll back up for a table and further explanations).

Already messed it up?

No Peak Shards? Staring at that maxed Job Exp Bar with tears streaming down your face? No Problem. What you can do is slow down your Job Exp progression. How you say? First make sure you aren’t guzzling down anymore Job EXP Potions. Save those for later.

Next if you haven’t already, find mobs that provide a higher base Exp ratio. Although your Job Level may be capped your Base Level isn’t. Focus on that whilst you wait. Finally if you have an alt you can attend Guild Valhalla raids for Nibelungen Shards which can be transferred across characters and can also be used to purchase Peak Shards.

Maxed Job Level? While you wait for peak shards, try Multi Job.