You can apply plaster to Lv. 3 walls in Project Zomboid. Just craft a Bucket of Plaster and you can have nice looking white walls ready for painting.

Plaster and Paint Walls

  • Plastering is available at Lv. 4 Carpentry however only Lv. 3 Wooden Walls, Wooden Window Walls and Door Frames (unlocked at Lv. 7 Carpentry) can be plastered. Strangely enough any Wooden Pillar (unlocked at Lv. 2 Carpentry) can be plastered.
  • Craft Bucket of Plaster with a Bag of Plaster Powder and Bucket filled with water.
  • Now just simply right click the wall and select “Plaster”.
  • You can now also paint the walls with a Paint Brush and Paint.