The Genshin Impact Domain of the Wayward Path begins with a puzzle the player must solve before entering the fight. Here’s the answer to get inside and claim your one time rewards.

You will need a Geo character to complete the puzzle. Traveler Geo will do fine.

The Puzzle

When you enter the instance you will see 5 totems. Hitting an inactive pillar will activate it whilst also deactivating the two adjacent totems.

Step 1

  1. The yellow dots are the active totems.
  2. The green dot is the totem we will activate.
  3. You will start with 3 active totems.
  4. First activate the inactive one on the right.

Step 2

  1. We’re now left with two active totems.
  2. Activate the totem between the two.

Step 3

  1. Great ,we’re now left with 1 active totem.
  2. Go ahead and activate the totem to its left.

Step 3

  1. Ok, we have two active totems next to each other. One last step.
  2. The last step is to activate the middle of the three inactive totems.
  3. This will activate the last 3 totems.