Join the Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event, complete challenges, earn points for Primogems and more.

Event Details

Event Duration
2021/01/16 10:00 – 2021/01/31 03:59 (Server time)

Adventure Rank 20 or above

Event Guidelines

  1. New challenge every day (up to 7 days).
  2. Event lasts 15 days.
  3. Complete challenges in Single Player or Co-Op.
  4. Select Challenge Difficulty level (harder = larger score multiplier).
  5. Select Variations (these determine score points and are affected by difficulty level multiplier).
  6. Different challenges give bonuses to different characters.
  7. Receive 60 Primogems for first time completion of any challenge (total 420 Primogems).
  8. Reach score point targets to claim more rewards.
  9. Challenges can be repeated to improve your score.


You’ll need 20,000 points to claim all the rewards. You can earn over 4,000 points per Challenge. The event will have 7 Challenges available.

To make things easier just optimize for 2,858 points per Challenge (Expert Difficulty Required) to get all the rewards.