This Auto Chess Patch includes includes just a few balance changes. A buff to Goblins and Knights plus a few specific items and chess pieces.

Patch Notes


  1. Goblin (6): now grants 15 Armor (instead of 12) for all allies
  2. Knight (6): now gains a 65% chance (instead of 70%) to obtain a damage-reducing shield
  3. Poisonous Worm: now summons 1/1/2 Plague ward(s) (instead of 1/1/1) that are immune to magical damage
  4. Unicorn: with Cure, she now heals 25 HP (instead of 20) every 1.5 seconds
  5. Tsunami Stalker: with Ravaging Tentacles, she now stuns enemy for 2 seconds (instead of 1.5)
  6. Python Wand: now increases 350 HP (instead of 250)
  7. Claw Wand: now increases 350 HP (instead of 250) and 50 ATK (instead of 45). With Active effect, now increases 100% Magic Resistance and immune to Abilities for 9 seconds (instead of 8)


  1. Added new chessboard- Ale Wharf


  1. “Item Redeem” event
  2. “Group Buying” event 
  3. “Timed Store” event


  1. Optimized Auto Chess Open Platform


  1. Fixed the issue where some items were wrongly recommended for Abyssalcrawler and Umbra
  2. Corrected some description texts

Previous Patch – 18 Mar 20