This Auto Chess Patch includes an Abyssal Crawler Nerf, a Cave Clan and Egersis synergy buff and a lower chance for Legendary pieces.

Patch Notes

[New Chess Piece]

  1. The Scryer: Feathered, Shaman


  1. Abyssalcrawler:
    Changed ability from Stealth to Spiral Crawler: Every Base attack will steal [3%/5%/7%] ATK Speed from the enemy. Can stack up to 25 times.
  2. Dark Spirit:
    Ability duration : From 10 seconds to 8 seconds, with shorter damage intervals.
  3. Cave Clan:
    Cave Clan (2) (4): now grants all allies (instead of all allied Cave Clans only) + [100/350] HP
  4. Egersis:
    Egersis (4): now all enemies lose 9 Armor (instead of 8)
  5. Chess pieces of orange quality:
    Probability at Level 8/9: From [2%/4%] to [1%/3%]

[New feature]

  1. Enabled Chessboard display on Hall interface, you could choose to turn it on/off in [Settings]
  2. You could skip the animation by tapping the screen when playing Gacha
  3. Added phone vibration when the match is found
  4. Added double-check pop up when selling items
  5. Added countdown in Senior Pass / Featured Pack purchase interface
  6. Added countdown for the new season
  7. Added Social Media entries on Hall interface


  1. Adaptation and optimization for low-end devices
  2. After Round 5, the pieces that you haven’t chosen in the 2 previous rounds will not appear in the Store
  3. Now the Settlement Reward of a season will be issued through your mail
  4. You could change the mode when team up
  5. Added BGM on entering interface
  6. Optimized [Gacha] interface
  7. Optimized Check-in system
  8. Optimized item [Preview] function
  9. Optimized animation when obtaining the Chess Player or the Chessboard
  10. Optimized [Settlement] interface
  11. Optimized [Season] interface
  12. Optimized [Recommended Lineup] interface
  13. Optimized item views in [Inventory] interface
  14. Optimized [Store] interface


  1. Fixed the issue where the matchmaking windows would not be automatically closed when failed to confirm
  2. Fixed the issue where the Event might not be automatically refreshed at time
  3. Fixed the issue where data was not refreshed timely when you tried to get the newest Leaderboard information
  4. Fixed the issue where you might not be able to claim the event quest rewards
  5. Fixed the issue where you couldn’t drag the screen in [Mode selection] interface
  6. Fixed the issue where the images might be missing in [Mode selection] interface
  7. Fixed the issue where the Chess Player animation might be played repeatedly in [Leaderboard] interface
  8. Fixed the issue where the red dot prompt for the new chess players will not be refreshed instantly in [Inventory] interface

Previous Patch – 4 Mar 20

Next Patch – 01 Apr 20