Here are 10 Among Us Imposter tips to help you win more. Most importantly you’ll want to kill off anyone that’s been proven innocent.

1. Fake Tasks

Don’t just run around aimlessly looking for your next kill. Instead be more subtle by faking tasks.

Your map will show you “fake imposter tasks”. You cannot actually complete them but you can stand next to them and pretend that you are.

2. Avoid Faking Visual Tasks

This is especially important if Visual Tasks are turned on in the game settings.

These tasks will have a visual queue when in progress or when completed. Attempting a fake will quickly raise suspicion if a crewmate knows what they are looking for.

3. Watch The Task Completion Bar

The task completion bar will increase when a task is complete. Leaving the task before the bar increases can raise suspicion.

To avoid this you can fake multi step task like the wires common task as the progress bar only increases when the final step is completed.

4. Use Sabotage

This is your most powerful ability as an Imposter. You need to make use of it:

  • Lock doors to slow down crewmates movements. The slower they get to their tasks the better for you.
  • Sabotage O2 and Reactor to scatter crewmates.
  • Crewmates sticking together? Break lights, it makes it harder for them to follow eachother.
  • Down to 3 players? Sabotage to prevent that emergency meeting and take the kill for the win.

5. Watch Those Cameras

See a flashing red light on a camera? It mean’s someone is watching. Avoid killing in front of cameras. Better yet when you see someone is watching you can lock them in, vent to security, kill them and vent away.

6. Stack Kill

Sometimes crewmates stick close together. This can happen when they all rush towards the same task such as when fixing comms.

If there are enough crewmates together don’t be afraid to whack one off. They won’t know exactly who did it as everyone would be crowded together.

7. Remove The Innocent

Some crewmates will have others vouching for them. They have gained the trust of their teammates proving their innocence.

They can be troublesome both in the discussion phase and the game phase. Quickly pick them off before they gather more allies.

8. Gain Trust

Sometimes its best to gain the trust of a crewmate or two. You can do this by following them and faking tasks. Soon they will feel comfortable following you around.

If no one has seen you two you can finish them off. Or you can spare them and use that new found trust in future rounds. Who knows, sometimes that 3rd imposter will help you win the game.

9. Ditch Dead Weight

Sometimes your fellow imposter will be caught red handed. During discussion when the jig is up you shouldn’t hesitate to vote them off along with the crewmates. Not voting can raise suspicion towards you.

10. Remember Your Pathing

Whilst you don’t need to remember exactly where you went and what you did. You should have an idea of the general tasks you completed and area’s you went.

Where you went and what you did is a common question asked during discussion time. Remember it’s very suspicious to say you just roamed around doing nothing. Especially if no one can vouch for you.

Need help remembering where you went? Use this map reference during discussion time.

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