In Ragnarok Mobile Safe Refine allows players to upgrade (refine) their weapons and equipment without having to worry about failing.

Safe Refining requires additional copies of the item you are refining. This method will cost an additional Zeny Fee and extra Oridecon/Elunium.

Below is a table listing the additional cost for Safe Refining:

Safe Refine

As you can see below Safe Refining gets exponentially more expensive as you approach +10. This can get quite expensive, especially when you need 10 copies of the equipment (to go from +9 to +10).

Refine To LevelAdditional Equipment RequiredOridecon/EluniumFee (Zeny)


Q: What about +1 to +4
A: Normal Refine is safe up to +4 😀

Q: What about +11 to +15
A: Safe Refine is not available for these levels

Q: Can I use broken equipment for Safe Refine
A: Yes

Q: Discount?
A: There has been refine events in the past that have temporarily discounted Normal and Safe Refine costs (zeny fee, ori/elu and equip needed)