This 3 Car Garage Louisville Waterfront Base Location is one of the best spots to set up in Project Zomboid. Lets take a look at why this place is so popular amongst players.

Base Location

You may have come across this location when first entering Louisville. The property is located on the northern side of the map along a strip of fenced luxury estates. It sits along the river just opposite of the racetrack.

Many of these waterfront properties would make great base locations however its the 3 car garage that makes this home stand out from the rest.

The 3 Car Garage Base

When entering the base you’ll notice a massive 3 car garage. It’s a 2 story building with a bathroom and plenty of storage space.

There’s a lot of space to work with. Some even convert the upper area into a bedroom and use the garage as the main living space.

The ground floor can easily park 3 vehicles for all sheltered maintenance needs. If you don’t need that much space for cars you can always fill it with more storage!

What Makes a Base Good

A great base needs the following and this base checks them all off:

  1. Safety. Most importantly the base needs to be in a location that can be secured. This base already comes mostly gated. You’ll easily be able to seal it off and defend it from zombies. Plus the location itself is away from the city center so there won’t be many zombies anyway.
  2. Loot. This base is in Louisville the most loot dense city in Zomboid. Whilst not in the city center the base is still close enough to make any Louisville location accessible.
  3. Water and Resources. Your backyard is a river, basically giving you unlimited water. It makes farming that much easier. There’s a good amount of trees on either side of this base and the closest gas station is just down the road (follow the strip of waterfront homes and the gas station will be on your right).
  4. Space. Speaking of farming there is plenty of space for setting up farms and storage. Aside from the massive garage there’s also a 2 story house on the property with plenty of rooms to furnish.
  5. Expandable. Both to your left and right are empty space. If you need more room it’s easy to fence off these areas.

Securing The Base

  1. Extend the back yard walls (Lv. 2 Carpentry) to the river so that no neighboring zombies can get through.
  2. You can gate off the front entrance with a double wooden door (Lv. 6 Carpentry) so that your cars can still easily get in.