How to unlock the basic Teir 1 Aesir Monument.

The Aesir Monument is a core part of character progression in Ragnarok Mobile. Once obtained, players can unlock Guild Runes that provide permanent stats and even additional skills.

Your First Monument

You can unlock the Aesir Monument T1 at Level 40. First make sure that you have joined a Guild. Next, head to your Guild Hall and speak to Orloum (See Above).

Accept her Monument Trial. The quest has 4 parts with a question in each one (Answers below).

  • Trial of Rage – Calm and think
  • Trial of Greed – Open one
  • Trial of Jealousy – Working hard
  • Trial of Indifference – Do your best

After completing these, speak to Orloum and accept the Trial of Aesir Monument quest. Defeat Heartfelt Fear (weak bapho), exit the instance and speak to Orloum one more time to collect your Aesir Monument.

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