There’s a quest in Genshin Impact that asks you to look for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and a strange rock. Here’s where to find them.

Vermeer’s Paintbrushes and Paints Locations

Both paintbrushes are found near Luhua Pool (red circles). One of them is near the ruins and the other is next to a cliff.

Use the two teleport points to fast travel from one location to another to collect both items.

Strange Rock

Hand over the paintbrushes to Vermeer. Now its time for that strange rock. Turn around and head towards those weird looking pools of water. You’ll find it there.

Next go back towards Vermeer. Infront of him will be two big stone statues. Climb each one and insert the stones into its head.

You can now activate the Geo pillar, defeat the enemies and finally collect your reward.