There’s one key to clearing Arknights CE-5 and its a tankey mid guard. Here’s a guide to help you pass this Cargo Escort mission.

Cargo Escort missions are great for farming LMD. The higher the level you can complete the better.

If you haven’t done so yet you will need to first clear CE-4.

Cargo Escort is available on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun

The Setup

Recommended Operator Elite 1 Lv. 50. However it is possible to clear it at much lower levels.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 1x Guard
  • 2x Vanguard
  • 2x Healer
  • 2x Sniper
  • 1x Caster (ST)
  • 1x Caster (AoE)
  • 1x Defender

Phase One

  • First place your Guard in position (B) facing right. I have SilverAsh here but Melantha would have done fine too. Just make sure they are sufficiently leveled so they survive.
  • Deploy one Vanguard in position (A) facing right then your Healer in position (C) facing up.
  • Drop your second Vanguard in position (D) facing right.
  • Once you have enough deployment points put your Sniper in position (E) facing right.

The Arts Guard Leaders will spawn in the middle lane. They can hurt quite a bit so make sure you use your Guard’s active ability if they have one.

Phase Two

  1. Once you have enough deployment points place your Caster (ST) in position (F) facing right.
  2. Your Caster (AoE) comes next in position (G). This will take care of the afk Heavy Defender Leaders on the left.
  3. Your second Healer goes in position (H) facing right.

Phase Three

  1. Once the Heavy Defenders are gone return your Caster (AoE) that was in position (G).
  2. Now also return your Vanguard in position (A) and replace with your Defender facing right.
  3. Lastly place your second Sniper in position (I) facing right.

Your Guard will take a beating from the Veteran Butchers but you should be alright with the two Healers.

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