Kumamon is back for another Ragnarok Mobile Event. Although much smaller than the last event this one will again include exclusive rewards for players to earn.

It seems like some of the event details have been announced on SEA fb whilst others appear on Global fb. We’ll soon find out which has which but it would be strange for both servers to not receive all the events.

Fortune Teller Bear

  1. During the event period, you may approach Teddy Bear to take part in Daily Life of a Fortune Teller Bear event.
  2. You will receive Kumamon’s Appreciation x1 and Kumamon Token x5 once you have revealed today’s horoscope card
  3. Adventurers who take part in the Divination event will also receive a random Kumamon’s Shield buff

Announced on Global

1 Oct – 15 Oct, 0500HRS (GMT- 6)

Kumamon’s Special Gacha

Don’t miss out on these Kumamon exclusive collection!

Participate in various Kumamon events to obtain Kumamon Tokens for this gacha.

For every 30x tries of Kumamon Special Gacha, you can obtain Kumamon’s Favor, which can be used to trade for headwear exchange voucher.

Note: Kumamon’s Favor will expire on 1 Nov

Announced on SEA

Event date: 1 Oct – 15 Oct, 0500HRS (GMT+7)

Guild Donation

During the event duration, your first completion of Guild Donation will reward you with Kumamon’s Appreciation ×1, Kumamon Token x5 and Kumamon Advanced Fan Gift Pack x2!

Announced on SEA

Event Date: 1 Oct – 15 Oct, 0500HRS (GMT+7)