Welcome to Ragnarok Mobile. Your journey begins here, as a Novice! You won’t be spending much time here, but before you change to your first job you will have to pass this tutorial stage.

As a brand new player there’s certainly a lot to explore, learn and figure out. We’re going to quickly cover your time as a Novice as well as some advice that can go a long way.

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Saint’s Equipment

Why is this mentioned first?
You may want to re-roll your character depending on what Saint’s equipment you get your hands on.

What the heck are Saint’s Equip?
They are equipment that can be obtained with Pink Big Cat Voucher II tickets or Big Cat Coins (Ragnarok Mobile’s premium paid currency).

Launch Event?
If you’re starting during a launch event, you will likely be provided a bunch of these Pink tickets for free. You can use these tickets at the Equipment Gashapon in Prontera (See Above) for a random piece of Saint’s Equipment.

Not at a lunch event? All good. Skip ahead and start your adventure instead!

Why are Saint’s equipment important?
They provide a boost to Base/Job Exp gained from killing monsters. Additionally, Saint’s weapons get more powerful as you level saving you from having to spend on your weapon early on. These two factors can be a significant advantage for brand new players.

Ideally you will roll and obtain the Saint’s weapon of the class you are aiming to play. Additionally the Saint’s Necklace/Ring provide a considerable advantage to new players as accessories can initially be unaffordable, especially at server launch.

Once you unlock the Assistant, you will be able to obtain free Big Cat Vouchers.

Prontera South Gate

Ok! Now onto the real stuff. Before you change to your first job (class), you’ll first need Base and Job level 10. Here’s what to do after you create your brand new character.

1. Main Quests

As a new character you’ll spawn in Prontera South Gate. Expand your mini-map (top right) and you will see a bunch of exclamation marks. These are quest markers.

The red ones are main quests and the green ones are side quests. Go ahead and complete all the red quests on this map.

2. Play Dead

Ok, before you head to Prontera you should go speak to this face down novice (See Above). He will teach you the Play Dead adventure skill. Adventure skills do not require skill points to attain/level. It’s like a freebie.

A bit more info on Play Dead

3. Prontera

Completed all the main quests? You should now be very close to Base and Job level 10. It’s time to head to the main town of Rune Midgard, Prontera! Go ahead and enter the north portal.


1. Meenu

First go speak with Meenu the Official Events NPC to claim your Growth Pack and any Pre-registration Gift if available. The Growth Pack is an item that can be opened at certain levels intervals for rewards.

It’s been a while, but if you’re curious here’s Global’s Launch Rewards

2. Your First Job

If all is going well, you should be asked to speak to Cenia. (If not, you probably missed a Prontera South main quest). She will be waiting next to the fountain in the middle of Prontera.

Continue the quest chain to receive the “Camera”. Take a selfie and you should be ready for your first Job change.

Last step. Head to Adventurers League HQ, speak with Higgy Eez and pick your job.

Not sure what class to play. Here’s a basic class overview to help you decide..