This Auto Chess Patch features balance changes to the Beast and Egersis Synergy as well as tweaks to Evil Knight, Argali Knight, Umbra, Shining Assassin and Shadowcrawler.


Race & Class

  1. Beast: (6): the enemy will take 25 (instead of 20) extra Physical Damage when attacked by an ally who benefits from the Beast Synergy. 
  2. Egersis: (4): all enemies lose 8 (instead of 9) Armor.      


  1. Evil Knight Shield of Skeleton – absorbs [150/250/550] (instead of [100/150/200]) damage. CD: [12/10/8] (instead of [12/12/12]) seconds.
  2. Argali Knight Purification – recovers [200/400/720] (instead of [250/350/450] HP for an allied piece and deals [200/400/720] (instead of [250/350/450] pure damage to all nearby enemies. CD: [12/10/8] (instead of [10/10/10]) seconds.
  3. Umbra Familiar – increases her current/max HP by 80% (instead of 100%).
  4. Shining Assassin T.A. Field – immunes to [5/7/9] (instead of [4/6/8]) injuries.
  5. Shadowcrawler the attack rate is [1/1/1] (instead of [1.2/1.2/1.2]).


  1. Fixed the problem where the removed shared items might still be presented on the chess pieces in the battles of Duo mode  
  2. Fixed the problem where the summoned Insectoids would not be chosen as the target after the Icebound Wall of the Frostblaze Dragon disappeared
  3. Fixed the Devastator’s ability abnormality in some cases
  4. Fixed the problem where sometimes you got an error settlement if you’ve once disconnected during a battle
  5. Fixed the issue when Pulse Staff and Origin Wand take effect, the part of damage (from a certain percentage of the enemy’s Max HP) was not calculated
  6. Fixed the issue when Umbra was equipped with Items that increases the Max HP, an error occurred to her HP after casting the ability


  1. Summer Chest (Gold & Silver)
  2. Skins for Swordman and Shining Assassin


  1. “Item Redeem” event
  2. “Questionnaire” event