The Divine Spirit Tree is a new feature added in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7. Similar to the Aeisr Monument, players can unlock nodes in the tree for bonus stats and effects.

In addition the tree features will help you farm the new Time Quicksand (Hourglass) resource which is required to upgrade 4th Job Origin Skills.

Unlock Divine Spirit Tree

You will need to be base level 100 to accept the quest.

You should have a quest called Changes outside the city. It will tell you to head to Flower Street which can be accessed via LuoYang’s southern portal.

Once in Flower Street head towards the southern area (see above) to begin the quest chain. Follow the prompts and you’ll end up in the Wasteland map.

The quest chain has multiple parts. The Divine Spirit Tree will start off as an egg and as you progress through each part the tree will grow.

Completing the first part of the quest is enough to unlock the Divine Spirit Tree feature. However you can continue the quest chain to receive a Cherry Snow Spirit Pet and 2,000 Time Quicksand (Hourglass).

Upgrading the Divine Spirit Tree (Unlocking Nodes)

Once unlocked you can access the Divine Spirit Tree via the Wasteland (See Above)

The tree nodes are split into branches. Nodes within each branch need to be unlocked sequentially one after the other. Some nodes can be upgraded multiple times.

Unlocking and upgrading nodes will cost Ancient Remains, Wilderness Dust and Maple Agate which can be found in the Wasteland and Moonlight Grotto maps.

What To Unlock

There are a variety of buffs and bonuses to unlock. Here are some types that are of particular interest:

  1. Daily Time Quicksand (Hourglass) Reward Boost (See Above: Green Circles)
  2. Bonus Wasteland Material Drops – Extra Ancient Agate, Wilderness Dust and Maple Agate (See Above: Red Circles)
  3. Additional Damage + Movespeed on Wasteland Map (Help you farm faster)
  4. Additional EXP on Wasteland Map (Help you level faster)

It is recommended that you focus on unlocking the first two types of buffs (See Above). This will help you unlock both spirit tree nodes and Origin Skills faster.

Exchange For Time Quicksand (Hourglass)

Extra wasteland materials (Ancient Agate, Wilderness Dust and Maple Agate) can be exchanged for Time Quicksand (Hourglass) which is required for unlocking 4th Job Origin Skills.

To do so you will need to unlock the Ancient Furnace (costs 50x Ancient Remains) in the Divine Spirit Tree (See Above).

Here’s the ratio for exchanging your materials:

  • 1x Maple Agate = 3x Time Quicksand
  • 1x Wilderness Dust = 1x Time Quicksand
  • 10x Ancient Remains = 1x Time Quicksand

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Episode 7 Part 3 adds the Divine Spirit Tree Extension