This Auto Chess Patch includes several balance changes. Notably nerfs to Umbra, Devastator and the the Egersis Synergy.

Patch Notes


1. Chess piece

Umbra: now costs 3 Gold (instead of 2) with 800/1600/3200 HP (instead of 700/1400/2800)

Devastator: Delayed Action Bomb deals now 500/800/1100 damages (instead of 600/1000/1400)

2. Race & Class

Feathered (6): the Evasion rate now is 40% (instead of 35%)

Egersis (4): all enemies now lose 8 Armor (instead of 10)

Assassin (3) (6): when activated, Assassins will must deal a critical damage with their first base attack in each round

3. Item

Pulse Staff (Level 1): now deals (10% of target’s Max HP +200) Magical Damage (instead of 400)

Pulse Staff (Level 2): now deals (20% of target’s Max HP +300) Magical Damage (instead of 500)

Python Wand: immunes to Ability for 4 seconds now (instead of 3)

Infused Mask: now gains +15% Lifesteal (instead of 40%), and item attribute is changed to “base attacks of the user reduce enemy armor by 8 for 5 seconds” (instead of “the target cannot recover HP for 5 seconds”)

Halberd of Judgement: now increases Max HP by 800 (instead of 250) and the target will no longer have “15 Armor reduced by using base attacks for 5 seconds”

4. Combination chain:

Infused Mask = Frantic Mask + Wraith Shard (instead of Frantic Mask + Dragon Blood Axe)

Claw Wand = Python Wand + Ghost Blade (instead of Python Wand + Wraith Shard)

Halberd of Judgement = Cloud Halberd + Dragon Blood Axe (instead of Cloud Halberd + Ghost Blade)


  1. New “Item redeem” event available
  2. New arrivals in Store
  3. Optimized the layout of the navigation bar in Home interface

Previous Patch – 12 Jan 20

Next Patch – 19 Feb 20