Genshin Impact Update Patch 1.1 is here. A bunch of promised quality of life changes, new banners, game content, quests and more! Here’s a summary of what’s new.


  1. New Banners (Character Banner, Weapon Banner, Standard Banner)
    – Adds new characters 5-Star Childe and 4-Star Diona.
    – Adds new weapons 5-Star Memory of Dust (Catalyst), 4-Star The Unforged (Polearm).
    – 5-Star Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm) and 5-Star The Unforged (Claymore) to be added in a subsequent event wish.
  2. New Archon Quest.
  3. New Character Story Quest for Childe.
  4. New World Quests
  5. City Reputation System (Available at AR25)
  6. Unlock “Gadgets” from progressing City Reputation
    – Anemoculus and Geoculus Radar
    – Food Quick Consume
    – Store Anemograna (create current)
    – Portable Waypoint
    – Condensed Resin (store resin)
    – Portable Stove
    – Treasure Chest Compass (For Mondstadt and Liyue)
  7. Map now shows exploration progress percentage for your current location.
  8. Archive System: view Equipment, Materials, Geography, Books and Tutorials available int he game.
  9. Character Archive System: view available characters in the game.
  10. Key binding settings (customize your keys).
  11. Equipment Locking
  12. Artifact Locking (you can lock the artifacts you want to keep!)
  13. Surplus EXP from weapon enhancement is returned as weapon enhancement materials (would have liked this for artifacts too).
  14. Resin Cap increased to 160.
  15. New Seize the Day Login Event (300 Primogems!)
  16. New Test Run (Test Childe and receive 20 Free Primogems).
  17. Free Barbara (Requires AR18 and completion of the “A Long Shot” quest).
  18. Battle Pass can be purchased again (can pick the same 4-Star weapon and use it as refine material)

You can read about all the details via Mihoyo’s official version 1.1 post.