ragnarok mobile daily reward cat

Daily Login Rewards has been added to Ragnarok Mobile Global and SEA. Log in daily to receive 30 days of rewards. Rewards can be claimed by one character per account per day.

30 Days of Rewards

ragnarok mobile daily login rewards

Here’s what you’ll receive over 30 days:

  • 6x Lightning Chain
  • 31x Mercenary Ticket
  • 440k Zeny
  • 5x Warm Meal
  • 30x Kafra Teleport Ticket
  • 120x Belief Token
  • 500x Eden Coin
  • 30x Kafra Storage Ticket
  • 24x Gold Medal
  • 1x Makuro Squirrel Monster Egg
  • 30x Hot Meal
  • 3,000 Guild Contribution
  • 2x Tylin’s Kindness
  • 1x Warm Winter Headwear Voucher
  • 1x Melody Winter
  • 1x Ancient Dragon’s Plate
  • 1x Holy Spirit Weapon Voucher
  • 1x Adventure Premium
  • 1x Moon Sakura’s Gift

Day 5: Makuro Squirrel Pet

The Makuro Squirrel Pet is a Shadow Element pet. It does earth damage and has the ability to silence enemies. Its max skills are:

  • 400% earth damage to single target, 20% chance to silence for 3 sec
  • Increase normal materials gained in adventure by 11
  • Master and Pet’s Max Hp +200, Atk +20
  • Master and Pet’s Max Sp +20, M.Atk +20
  • Increase Working Efficiency by 5% at the Cooking Center


  • Lv 3 – Unlocks Dispatch
  • Lv 5 – +2% Working Efficiency
  • Lv 8 – +5% Working Efficiency
  • Lv 10 – +10% Working Efficiency & Unlock Accessory

Day 6 – Roadblock

On Day 6 you’ll come across vlc player your first roadblock. Find the correct answers to the roadblock questions below. Picked the wrong answer? Don’t worry, you can keep trying until you get the right one … I’m sure you’ll get it on your second go.

Day 6
Q: How to obtain food materials from monsters?
A: Use Chef’s Eagle Eye.

Day 10
Q: How to unlock Pet Working place “Arena”?
A: Become an Adventure Class D.

Day 16
Q: How to team accept mission board quest?
A: Learn adventurer skill “Mission Board Leader”.

Day 19
Q: What does Peak Shard do?
A: Unlock Peak Job Level.

Day 24
Q: Where to accept the Adventure Title quests?
A: Go to Prontera and look for Kakaro.

Day 10: Tylin’s Kindness

On Day 10 you receive your first Tylin’s kindness ticket (You get 1 more on Day 28). There are 5 headwear items you can redeem your ticket for:

Rosette Headband
Int +2, Agi +2, Dex +2, M.Atk +10
Deposit: Atk +3
Unlock: n/a

Sparrow Feather Beret
Str +2, Dex +2, Agi +2, Atk +15
Deposit: M.Atk +3
Unlock: n/a

Snow Poring Hat
Crit. Dmg +2%, Luk +2, Agi +2
Deposit: Def +2

Evil Beret
Max Sp +50, Max Hp +50, Hp Regen +5, Sp Regen +5
Deposit: M.Def +2

Mini Parasol
Max Hp +200, Def +10, M.Def +10
Max Hp +30

Which one to choose? Stat wise, you’re either already wearing or will be wearing better headwear. Therefore you may want to consider making your choice based on the Deposit Bonus. Both the Rosette Headband/Sparrow Feather Beret boosts damage, of course pick the applicable damage type for your class. As for your second ticket you may want to pick Evil Beret for the M.Def. A stat that’s quite hard to come by when you’re not int based. Or… just pick whatever looks cool!

Day 12: Warm Winter Headwear

On day 12 you receive another Headwear voucher but this time you’ll receive a blueprint. However this is the one and only Warm Winter Headwear Voucher you will receive through the 30 days of Login Rewards.

Angeling Glass Blueprint
All Attributes +1, Def +3%, M.Def +3%
Deposit: Def +2, Max HP +30
Unlock: M.Atk +3, Max HP +30

Blue Enchantress Blueprint
All Attributes +1, Atk +10, M.Atk +10
Deposit: Def +2
Unlock: M.Def +2

Cyanogen Windmill Blueprint
Atk +2%, M.Atk +2%, Atk +10, M.Atk +10
Deposit: M.Def +2, Max HP +30
Unlock: Atk +3, Max HP +30

Which one to choose? Again as for gear stats they aren’t anything special, therefore like with Tylin’s Kindness many players will again be looking at the Deposit effect, only this time there’s also a nice Unlock bonus too. Depending on your attack type you may want to choose between Angeling Glass and Cyanogen Windmill for the bonus attack. Although you could make a cosmetic pick instead, I think that Blue Enchantress rose looks pretty cool!

Day 15: Melody Winder

On Day 15 you receive the Melody Winder Back Item. Although the stats are pretty mediocre, the back piece looks quite cool. Totally worth sacrificing the Deposit Bonus for aesthetics.

All Attributes +1
Atk +60
M.Atk +40
Deposit: Max HP +60
Unlock: n/a

Day 18: Ancient Dragon’s Plate

On Day 18 you receive the Ancient Dragon’s Plate Tail. It provides quite a considerable Hp Boost for a Tail piece. The percentage increase would prove to be quite a boost for tanks.

Max Hp +2%
Max Hp +500
Deposit: Max Hp +60
Unlock: n/a

Day 20: Holy Spirit Weapon Voucher

On Day 20 you receive the Holy Spirit Weapon Voucher. This voucher can be redeemed for a Holy Weapon cosmetic item. Choose wisely as you will only receive one of these tickets.

Day 25: Adventure Premium

On Day 25 you receive an Adventure Premium ticket. Use it to receive 15 Days of Premium. Already have Premium? Use the ticket to extend your remaining time.

Day 28: Tylin’s Kindness

On Day 28 you receive your second and final Tylin’s Kindness ticket.

Day 30: Moon Sakura Costume

Day 30 is the last day of rewards for this event. You will receive 1x Moon Sakura’s Gift which can be exchanged for 1x Moon Sakura Costume. The costume has both a male and female version. You will need to decide which one you want (I picked the female one for my alt). As for the stats, wearing the costume doesn’t provide any however it does have a Deposit Reward of Max HP +60.

Note: The female costume cannot be worn by male characters. AFAIK the male costume however can be worn by female characters however retains its male costume look upon equipping.