Pet taming items in Ragnarok Mobile are extremely important. Why? Well they are used to unlock pets. What do pets do you say? Well, besides the obvious damage boost they also provide unique stat boosts (Mandragora Pet can give +10 crit Whoa!), they gift you tasty meatballs so you can insta finish those tedious rifts and mission board quests, work in “Labor Traveling Machine” which give Exp Pots, more meat balls and a whole bunch of extra loot. Oh and did I mention they can get you Minorous Card and boss mats? Those running an alt are likely making use of the Pet Adventure feature … to get rich! Pet Adventure is where you send your lil pet out into the world in hopes it brings back cards, additionally you’ll also receive a chest that may contain boss mats (Smokie Raccoon Leaf anyone?). I’m still waiting for mine …

The Price Table

If you’ve read the article on card price analysis then you probably get the idea. But if you haven’t here’s the general gist of how the table works:

  • % Predicted Change is based on Global vs SEA exchange prices
  • SEA server is roughly 4 months ahead of Global. Therefore we have used its exchange prices as a predictor for where price direction of items are heading in Global.
MonsterTaming ItemGlobal
% Predicted Change
ragnarok mobile poring
ragnarok mobile green apple
Green Apple
ragnarok mobile lunatic
ragnarok mobile rainbow carrot
Rainbow Carrot
ragnarok mobile yoyo
ragnarok mobile tropical banana
Tropical Banana
ragnarok mobile desert wolf baby
Desert Wolf Baby
ragnarok mobile well dried bone
Well-Dried Bone
ragnarok mobile savage babe
Savage Babe
ragnarok mobile sweet milk
Sweet Milk
ragnarok mobile mandragora seed
Mandragora Seed
ragnarok mobile nutrition potion
Nutrition Potion
ragnarok mobile green petite
Green Petite
ragnarok mobile shining stone
Shining Stone
ragnarok mobile isis
ragnarok mobile armlet of obedience
Armlet of Obedience
ragnarok mobile deviruchi
ragnarok mobile contract in shadow
Contract in Shadow
ragnarok mobile sohee
ragnarok mobile silver knife of chastity
Silver Knife of Chastity
ragnarok mobile baphomet jr
Baphomet Jr.
ragnarok mobile book of the devil
Book of the Devil

Here’s what we think

First off, feel free to go try snap that shining stone, it’s probably gone by now …

Ok back? So here’s what we think of the numbers:

  • Shining Stone (+63%) – The shining stone only recently appeared on Global. As with many new items, during snapping period it is quite under priced, once it is regularly listed we should expect its price to skyrocket. Why? Players will want the green petite for their alts running pet adventure. The Lv.78 Glast Heim Outskirt Adventure Chests can drop Biotite. Oh and did I mention just one Green Petite will nab you 3 chests for your 60 stamina … that’s insane. Shhh don’t tell anyone.
  • All Pet Taming Items (-XXX%) – Looking at the last column % Predicted Change we see a lot of red. For those who played SEA it’s likely not surprising to you that pet taming item prices drop significantly after launch? Why? Well as more players unlock Endless Tower more taming items are looted. Additionally players are able to progress further in the tower adding more to the exchange. On top of that us players don’t need hundreds of copies of these pets. In fact you’ll likely only need one or two of these pets, and once you have them you’ll likely not need any more.

So should I just wait?

Well, it depends. Just like with the cards buying now means being able to make use of its benefits earlier on. These benefits might outweigh the savings you would get by waiting for prices to drop. For instance, you’ll likely want an active pet for the extra damage and meatballs. You would also want one for Pet Labor Item Shop and Cooking Center. If you happen to have premium you may want another for Kafra Co. If you’re running an alt, you’ll likely want to make use of pet adventure so you may consider picking a pet for that too.


Same as for the Cards. For anyone wondering, % change is calculated as (New Price – Old Price)/Old Price. You can apply this same formula to other items in the game and save millions hahaha …

In summary: Sell your taming items now if you don’t need them and buy taming items only if you can make use of them now.

Hope this has helped you decide on whether or not to spend your precious zeny on pet taming items. I’m gonna go sit in front of the exchange and wait for someone to list that Bapho Jr taming item …

We have similar info on boss mats.