ragnarok mobile global jan 2019 gacha

The Ragnarok Mobile Global Jan 2019 Costume Gacha includes the Elite Adventurer Set. This costume set has been made available between 14 Jan – 28 Jan 2019.

Head to the center of Prontera to find the Fantasy Generator Feast. For 30 BCC coins or 30 Pink Big Cat Vouchers you can have a chance at drawing the Janurary 2019 Ragnarok Mobile Global Costume – Elite Adventurer.

The set includes two pieces, A headwear piece and full body costume. Both pieces come in red, orange, blue and purple.


Elite Adventurer Headwear

  • All Attributes +1
  • Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +5%
  • Deposit Reward: Max HP +90
  • Unlock Reward: n/a

Elite Adventurer Costume

  • Deposit Reward: Atk +12, M.Atk +12
  • Unlock Reward: Atk +1%, M.Atk +1%