This Hunter Feathered strategy makes use of the offensive damage from the Hunter synergy along with the defensive evasion from the Feathered synergy.

With the addition of Shining Archer, Hunter builds like this one have become more popular as they no longer are burdened with having to roll for the legendary Tsunami Stalker. As such it allows players to unlock the powerful 6 Hunter Synergy without having to push to level 9.

The Lineup

Let’s first take a look at the end game composition:

Dwarf Sniper
Egersis Ranger
Shining Archer
Skull Hunter
Warpwood Sage
Wind Ranger
6( 6 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
1( 1 / 1 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 6 )
3( 3 / 9 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 4 )

Skull Hunter has been temporarily removed from the game. For now you will need Tsunami Stalker to complete this build.


This build will provide the following synergy:

(6) Hunters
(3) Feathered

If you happen to get a Tsunami Stalker, you can replace Skull Hunter. Doing so will add the (2) Marine synergy to your build.

At level 9 you can add a Soul Reaper for the (2) Egersis synergy. Or add a

Early Game

Alright, now that you know what to expect in the late game. Let’s look at how we get started.

Thanks to the Shining Archer you can now unlock the (3) Hunter synergy quite early in the game. Pick any 3 hunters you come by, these will serve as your backline damage dealers.

A great trio includes both Wind Ranger and Shining Archer. With Warpwood Sage this unlocks the (3) Feathered synergy. The evasion from this buff will provide additional survivability to these pieces.

For your frontline, in the early game any durable two star pieces will do. You can replace these temporary front line pieces with Skull Hunter and Warpwood Sage once you get them to 2 Star.

Make use of the Druid synergy to quickly level your Warpwood Sage (and Razorclaw when you get him later). With the (4) Druid synergy you will only need 4x of the druid piece to build your 3 Star piece.

Note: To activate the (4) Druid synergy you will also need a Unicorn and Whisper Seer. Both of which shouldn’t be hard to get.

Building 2 Star Unicorns with the (2) Druid synergy will cost you 2 Gold, however they can be sold for 3 Gold. That’s 1 Gold Profit!

Didn’t get the Druids you’re after. Try out the Holy Trinity Frontline.


The corner box position is a good all round option for Hunters.

#1 Front Row
The most vulnerable spot in this example is in the top right. Place your Warpwood sage (primary tank) here.

As for your other two front line spots they can be filled with Skull Hunter/Tsunami Stalker and Siren. For Siren, you will want her to be at least 2 Star before you place her here. This will help her get her skill off before being taken down.

#2 Middle Row

Place your Wind Ranger to the far left. Hugging the edge of the board will help the effectiveness of his skill. In essence it reduces the possible directions his linear skill shot can go, improving the consistency of what is hit.

On the far right (exposed side) you will want a more durable piece. Razorclaw is a great contender here. Taking a few hits will also help him summon his bear.

#3 Back Row
Place your Dwarf Sniper in the bottom left. This is the most protected spot. It allows you to make full use of that long range Dwarf Sniper has, at times giving you a shot or two before your enemy reaches your frontline.

The rest is up to you. However, if you do have a Soul Reaper, consider placing him on the outer edge as he is a bit more durable than many of your hunter pieces.

Build Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this build is against Feathered compositions. This is due to the Hunter synergy providing a chance to pierce evasion.

As for potential weaknesses, one that does come to mind is builds that come with AoE burst skill damage. Examples would be Mages and Goblin Mech with Helicopter. Why is this the case?

  • Your Feathered synergy cannot evade skills
  • Hunter pieces are in general not very durable (easier to burst down)
  • AoE skills can bypass your frontline and hit your squishy hunters
  • You don’t have silence
  • Corner boxed position is vulnerable to AoE
  • Without Tsunami Stalker, you lack quick AoE crowd control (Siren takes too long)

However, one thing that does help is that whilst your evasion won’t save you from taking skill damage, the evasion will at least slow down your opponents mana generation.