auto chess strange egg

Drodo adds Strange Egg, a new Feathered Legendary piece to the Auto Chess Mobile lineup.

More Legendaries! As the pool becomes more diluted it will certainly become harder for compositions that rely on rolling for specific 5 cost units. So what is this “Strange Egg?”. As the name suggests, it’s no ordinary piece. Here’s a quick summary of the unique traits of this new piece:a

  • You roll and obtain the Strange Egg from Level 1
  • It has it’s own independent pool
  • It is very rare
  • Purchasing the Strange Egg will not decrease the total number of Strange Eggs in the pool
  • Leveling up will not affect the probability rolling for Strange Eggs.

How it Works

auto chess using strange egg

So what does this expensive egg do? Essentially it’s a wildcard piece. You can use it as the last (3rd) piece that is required for ranking up. Eg You have 2x 1 Star God of Thunder pieces, now simply drag your 1 Star Strange Egg over your God of Thunder to upgrade it to 2 Star.

Looking to upgrade to 3 Star? You will need a 2 Star Strange Egg.

That sounds amazing? Well, the piece itself has poor stats, no class synergy and costs an expensive 5 Gold … better not use it on a Redaxe Chief. It’s pretty much useless on the board, but will certainly make it easier to upgrade those rarer Mythical and Legendary pieces.

Druid Synergy

Normally with the Druid Synergy you need a pair to upgrade your druid pieces (As long as you have the applicable synergy level). The Strange Egg can serve as the 2nd piece in your pair. Yup, in this case you only need one piece to finish your upgrade.