I’m a top 100 NA player, and I cheese almost every game. This is how.
So, I really like playing games a different way than most people. I love cannon rushing in StarCraft, going all-in in poker when I have nothing, etc. I just find that it makes the game more enjoyable for me. I like to cheese.

I have found my own play style in Auto Chess Mobile that allows me to do just that, with extremely consistent results. I think this is because this strategy is not widespread, but I imagine after this post I will be on the receiving end of it more and more.

So what is the cheese you ask? What is the comp? Well, it’s not that simple. Essentially, the comp is 6 Warriors with Egersis buff, but it’s the game play that makes this cheesy. I’ll show you what I mean.

3 Key Principles

This style of play has 3 key principles to adhere to.

Number #1: Buy Warriors
Buy all of the warriors. Seems simple, but I gotta throw it out there. I do have a hierarchy of warriors which I would be glad to share, but essentially early game you just buy all of the warriors. Doesn’t matter how terrible redaxe is, buy him.

Number #2: Level Fast
Level. Fast. I typically am level 3 or 4 for the first pvp round, depending if I got cheap warriors or expensive ones. Then, every subsequent turn if I can add another warrior by leveling, I do. My hard and fast rule is lvl 7 by round 9, but really you just level when you find another warrior.

By round 9, a typical comp would like like this: Redaxe, Tusk**, Abyssal, Werewolf, God of War, Swordman, random unit. I like to throw in marine or cave buff here, but do whatever you find.

Essentially, the idea is to get 6 warriors as fast as possible by maintaining a win streak and leveling aggressively, and get a support unit behind it. Two star unicorn is amazing in this role.

Number #3: When To Save
Now go for a bathroom break. I typically don’t level again until round 17. That’s 8 rounds of saving. While doing this, I focus on a two things: improving comp, getting everything to 2 stars.

The Strategy In Action

What does this strategy look like in action? Well, for the first half of the game you are a level ahead of everyone, and some people you are two levels ahead. This means you win easily and hit hard.

This stops those pesky lose streakers and open-forters from maximizing their play. By applying this earlier pressure, more often than not I see other players have to sacrifice economy earlier than they would like, because they fear losing early. Most of my games have 2-3 people dead by round 20, and half dead by round 25.

Once you finish the early aggression and leveling, you settle into a passive style of not spending money. Hell, you might even lose streak here, which is perfectly okay.

In an ideal game, you never lose. In the next best case, you win streak early, lose streak in the middle, and win streak to close out. So, what’s the trigger to spend again? Hitting level 8.

At this point, you literally roll down and make your comp as strong as possible, with the idea of ending the game in the next few rounds. Replace your bad warriors and get egersis synergy, typically with Soul Reaper (mandatory) and Egersis ranger or Blight Sorceror.

The Endgame Composition

If you want an idealized endgame comp, it looks like this:

(6) Warriors (5 + Swordman/Abyssal Guard)


Pirate Captain


Doom Arbiter

Tusk Champion


Abyssal Guard

(2) Egersis

Soul Reaper

Blight Sorcerer

9th + 10th Options

Storm Shaman


Team Builder:
Warrior Egersis + Siren
Warrior Egersis + Storm Shaman

Werewolf, Tusk Champion, Doom, Pirate Captain, Berserker, Swordman/Abyssal Champion, Soul Reaper, Blight Sorcerer, 9th and 10th would be Storm Shaman and a situational champ, probably Siren.

This gives you 6 Warriors, 2 Egersis, 2 Beast, 2 Human, 2 Cave or 2 Marine. This comp is incredibly hard to kill, and makes efficient use of all items in the game.

Warrior Buy Priority

Warrior Tier list (essentially go by the cost of the warrior, higher cost means better. The only one that is higher than it’s cost is Tusk Champion):

1. Doom, Pirate Captain, Berserker (you want all three of these)
2. Werewolf
3. Tusk Champion, Swordman, Abyssal Guard
4. Redaxe Chief, Stone Spirit, God of War

Watch It in Action

Like video format? Check it out