Notable changes in this patch update include the addition of the Wizard Synergy, two new pieces (Grand Herald and Grimtouch) and additional synergy tiers for Cave Clan, Spirit, Glacier and Mech.

Patch Notes


Race & Class:

  1. Marine (2) synergy: All allies have +35% (instead of 30%) magic resistance
  2. Knight (4) synergy: All allied Knights have a 45% (instead of 48%) chance to obtain a shield
  3. Assassin (6) synergy: Assassins have a 30% (instead of 28%) chance to critical hit


  1. Oblivion Staff: grants the owner a 35% (instead of 50%) chance of 100% accuracy

[Newly added Class]

  1. Wizard Synergy: 1 less piece is required for activating synergy with at least 4 unique pieces.

To accompany the new Wizard class, Cave Clan(4) synergy and Spirit(4) synergy are recovered, while Glacier(6) synergy and Mech(6) synergy synergies are now available.

[Newly added Pieces]

1. Grand Herald

a) Race: Divinity
b) Class: Wizard
c) Skill:

Passive: Reduces Skill CD by 10%

Active: Clones one skill of the nearest centrosymmetric enemy when the battle starts

2. Grimtouch

a) Race: Demon
b) Class: Wizard
c) Skill:

Releases a forward ink wave, incur 100 Magical Damages to enemies along the path, each piece hit increases damage by 30, accompanied with 1x Ink Touch effect.

Ink Touch: Target directional skill attack on any Ink Touched pieces would be imposed on all other Ink Touched pieces

More info on Grand Herald and Grimtouch

[Temporarily removed Pieces]

  1. Shadow Devil
  2. Phantom Queen

Previous Patch – 18 Oct 19

Next Patch – 11 Nov 19