The Ragnarok Mobile Ponape Museum Island Hero Trial is the final and hardest stage of the Ancient Equip dungeon that was added in the Comodo Update. For those who are still struggling with it here are some tips to help.

Garment, Footgears and Accessory Ancient Equip can be farmed at Lost Isle dungeon. Rewards are seperate so you can farm both Ponape and Lost Isle once a week.

Traveler’s Notes

The Traveler’s Notes actually gives us stat and skill details of the 4 MVPs that appear in the 3rd stage of Ponape Museum. To make things easier here they are in a table below with a summary of their skills:

Special AttributesAttribute
Applies Kyrie Eleison (Physical DMG Shield) on himselfFire
Extreme Cold Star Core
Deals DMG and stuns in a path
Lord's Aura
DMG bonus aura
Set Trap
3 Hidden Traps (Freeze, DMG, Slow)
Spiral Pierce
Can't be tauntedHoly
Group Dispersal
Dispel and steal healing effects
Faith Pray
When ally 66%HP and 33%HP Invulnerable for a few seconds
Space-time Freeze
5m Radius 3s Freeze
Can't be tauntedPoison
Group Disarming
Disarm to 5m Radius around Nooka
TP Enemy Player
Asura Strike
Move towards Intimidated player, when close deal massive DMG that ignores immunity
Can't be tauntedGhost
Hell Plant
Summon plants to deal DMG and reduce SP
Meteor Storm
Deal DMG
White Barrier
Immune to all DMG except Ghost DMG
Amplify Magic Power
+ATK Buff
MVPs have additional skills on Epic difficulty

Notable Skills

Next let’s take a look at the most annoying skills to deal with, then we will look at at a strategy to help deal with these abilities.


  • Can heal her allies.
  • Faith Pray will make her allies invincible for a few seconds at 66% and 33% HP.


  • AoE Disarm stops your character from attacking, this is probably the most annoying ability out of all the MVPs.
  • Asura Strike will 1 Hit Ko you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Losing your only Priest to this attack is very annoying.


  • White Barrier makes her immune to all DMG except Ghost.


  1. Alright lets start with the easiest tip. Use cards/equipment that help you deal more damage to Large/Demi-Human/MVP enemies.
  2. Joel is Fire type so use Water damage.
    Pacarani is Holy type so use Neutral/Shadow damage.
    Nooka is Poison type so use Neutral/Holy damage.
    Camorra is Ghost type so avoid using Neutral/Poison damage.
  3. Focus 1 MVP at a time (switch targets when you are missing).
  4. Tank can lure and split away MVPs to make it easier for DPS members to focus down target.

Kill Order

  1. Nooka
    – Aim for Nooka first as his disarm is the most annoying to deal with.
    – Ranged DPS try to keep a distance from Nooka to prevent disarm.
    – Nooka will mark random player with Intimidate (Blue Dragon Mark). If you have this mark keep away from Nooka or you will eat Asura. Especially important if you are the Resser
  2. Pacarani/Camorra
    – Always good to take out Pacarani the healer next.
    – Alternatively go for Camorra as her AoE Meteor Storm and Hell Plants has kill threat.
  3. Joel
    – The lowest threat. Whilst his Extreme Cold Star Core deals a lot of damage you can dodge it easily by avoiding the straight line cast indicator. There’s a delay before the ability strikes so you can easily move away from it.