auto chess divinity mage build

The Divinity (God) Mage Warlock build is a strong late game combo that makes use of powerful AoE skills to burst down your opponents.a


There are 7 core pieces in this build. However, it is recommended that you aim for level 9 to help with rolling for God of Thunder.

One thing to note is that whilst Mages have high AoE burst damage that can quickly wipe out other players. You may struggle against neutral rounds where monsters have high health pools (sustain damage would shine here).

Core Pieces

Desperate Doctor
God of Thunder
God of War
Soul Reaper
Storm Shaman
The Source
Thunder Spirit
2( 2 / 6 )
3( 3 / 9 )
0( 1 / 9 )
0( 1 / 2 )
0( 1 / 6 )
2( 2 / 2 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 6 )
0( 1 / 4 )

These are the 7 core pieces. As you will be aiming for Level 9, below are some options to fill the additional 2 slots.

Additional Options

Shining Dragon
(2 Cost)

Poisonous Worm
(3 Cost)

Lord of Sand
(3 Cost)

(4 Cost)

(5 Cost)

Wind Ranger
(3 Cost)

Shining Dragon
Grab it during early/mid game. Can be subbed out once you get God of Thunder. To help his skill hit you will want to hug this piece against the far (left/right) side of the board.

Poisonous Worm
Spawns extra units to punish your opponent’s health pool.

Lord of Sand
If you don’t get Poisonous Worm, Lord of Sand is a great alternative (Note: You can’t have both. For the divinity synergy to be active you cannot have any other active Race Synergies eg. Beast).

A popular 8th/9th slot choice. Especially useful against auto attack focused builds.

If you manage to roll one, the AoE damage is insane. A very good 9th/10th slot option.

Wind Ranger
Although the cast time isn’t ideal, the damage is quite good. Similar to Shining Dragon, you will want this piece hugging the side of the board.


Note: Divinity synergy is only active when player has no other active race synergies.

Cool down reduction from Divinity synergy. Extra magic damage from Mage synergy. Increased mana regen from The Source. The combination of these 3 factors is why Divinty Mage complement each other so well.

Additionally the warlock synergy adds a bit of survivability to your team. Though your pieces (except for God of War) are not very durable, as the life steal also applies to spells it combos quite well with the reduced cool down from your Divinity synergy.


Turtling positioning is quite beneficial for mage builds. This provides time for The Source to generate mana for your pieces so they can get their spells off. In our example we have placed our pieces in a 3×3 grid in the bottom left hand corner of the board.


God of War our primary tank goes in the top right (most exposed spot).

Note: God of War has a pretty short range. In the corner your God of War may not be able to attack if your backline pieces do not move. In general, this can happen when your opponent pieces spawn on the same side as your pieces (eg When you position left, and opponents spawn left).

Soul Reaper is quite durable compared to your remaining pieces. Feel free to let him occupy another front line spot.


God of Thunder our late game carry is placed in the most protected spot (bottom left).

Thunder Spirit has the best attack speed in your lineup. It will be your attack item carry for the game Hence you will want this piece well protected (eg middle).

Note: You may want to place atk speed items on pieces like storm Shaman to help them generate their game changing skills.

The Source can be placed in front of God of Thunder. This spot is also very well protected.

As for Storm Shaman you can initially want to place him in your back line. But when you upgrade to the more durable 2 Star piece you may want to switch him to the front to help get off that Silence faster.

Note: Placing your Storm Shaman in the front line may expose him to enemy crowd control including silence (from human synergy) and mana burn from (Taboo Witcher).

For the last three pieces its up to you where to place them. Should you decide to place Storm Shaman in your front line, both these remaining pieces will sit in your backline (2nd and 3rd row).

When To Build

Key early game pieces to lookout for:

  • God of War (1 Gold) – The only tank in your build. An early 2 star will help you survive early to mid game.
  • Thunder Spirit (3 Gold) – Your primary damage in the early to mid game.
  • The Source (2 Gold) – The additional mana regen provided by this piece is required to make the most of your Divinity synergy.
  • Desperate Doctor (2 Gold) – Its bounce stun provides very good crowd control early on where your opponents have limited pieces on their board.