Ragnarok M: Eternal Love resets daily for Global at 11:00AM UTC and for SEA at 5:00AM GMT+7. Upon reset we all rush to complete our daily routine. We all have our own set of daily tasks and an order in which we get our mundane tasks out of the way. A routine also ensures we don’t miss out on any of the juicy daily rewards available to all players. The number of daily tasks in Ragnarok Mobile can be a bit overwhelming, especially to new players. Therefore it can be quite easy to miss rewards. Below I’ve listed what I do (in order) upon daily reset. This should cover all the essential daily rewards you should aim for:

Daily Routine

Opening Presents and Music Box

ragnarok mobile pet meatballs

First, I Butterfly wing and teleport to my save spot in Prontera. There I tap on my pet Monkey and collect my meatballs.

ragnarok mobile music box

Then I Kafra Teleport to Izlude and change channel to one that is crowded. After that I head to Prontera South and sit next to the Music Box to get my bonus stamina for the day. This ensures that I start farming with 360 stamina. I do this as it makes efficient use of Lightning Chain and Converter a bit easier (more details later).

Once my stamina is filled I switch channel back to my less crowded farming channel of choice. Why do I get the bonus stamina first? I find it’s quite easy to forget about or not want to bother with idling in front of the Music Box. The extra 60 mins equates to 20% more green stamina. That’s a huge boost to loot and exp I don’t want to miss out on. Alternatively you can also listen to the Music Box after you use your initial 120 stamina.

ragnarok mobile golden majestic goat exchange npc

Tip: Feeling fidgety? There’s an exchange NPC wearing Golden Majestic Goat next to the Music Box, you stand next to him, browse the exchange and restock your goods while you charge your stamina.

Pet Labor and Lucky Shop

ragnarok mobile lukcy shop
Yes. Somehow Orcish Voucher appeared whilst I was taking screenshots for this article …

Got your 360 stamina? Switched to your farming channel? Ok, all set. let’s go!

  1. Butterfly wing it back to Prontera
  2. Pet the monkey (or whatever active pet you have)
  3. Feed the monkey. I just use 1 Rookie Food (feel free to skip both petting and feeding if your pet intimacy is maxed)
  4. Open bag and collect from Pet Labor whilst walking towards Lucky Shop
  5. Make Lucky Shop purchases
  6. Drink Exp Potions whilst walking back to Mission Board

Use those Meatballs

ragnarok mobile meatball shop

First of all you will likely need a pet in the Pet Labor Cooking Center to sustain your meatball hunger. If you are still low level I’m sorry to say you will have to at least manually do those tedious Board Quests (Consider just finishing the ones with Lightning Chains if you don’t have the time)

  1. Open your bag and tap on your Meatballs and purchase 10x Mercenary’s Mission Scroll (There are 3 types with different level ranges, make sure to get the right one!), 5x Holy Grail, 1x Training Ground Monster Report
  2. Instantly complete 10x Mission Quests
  3. You’ll likely have “A bag of Zeny“, open them to receive 2k Zeny each.
  4. Open your bag and use Training Ground Monster Report to instantly complete Training Ground for pink poring Eden Coins and Silver Medals
  5. Accept Monster Resistance quest
  6. Create party and accept Rift Quest (I do this with an alt for the extra friendship points … You will get 5x friendship points each Rift completed. Tip: you can party teleport by having your party member follow you. Make sure you choose “Party Teleport” when speaking to Kafra) Reached Level 90? Check out the Space Time Rift.
  7. Teleport to Rift Quest Location and instantly complete 5x with your Holy Grails

Note: Meatballs are also used for purchasing end game mats including the Black Wings required for crafting the Devil Wing back piece (Great back piece, Snipers also have the option of quiver). Depending on whether you’re after these equipment pieces you may want to consider managing your meatball reserves.

Guild Stuff and the Exchange

ragnarok mobile guild challenge rewards
Grab your guild challenge rewards
  1. Make Guild Construction Donations
  2. Collect Guild Challenge Rewards
  3. Make Guild Donations
  4. Butterfly wing back to Prontera
  5. Collect zeny from Exchange and restock goods for sale

If you have an Alt

ragnarok mobile pet adventure
  1. Switch to Alt character
  2. Pet and Feed active pet (for those wanting to raise intimacy)
  3. Collect Pet Adventure loot and start another Pet Adventure
  4. Make Lucky Shop Purchases
  5. Collect from and restock Exchange
  6. Purchase Buff Consumables from Exchange and store in Kafra shared storage (I use my alt to purchase converters and awakening potions)
  7. Accept Monster Resistance (I level my alts using the 10x Exp Monster Resistance provides, then use the remainder of stamina on Pet Adventure. Why bother leveling an alt? Unlock higher tier Pet Adventure, also makes you a less of a burden in ET)
  8. Complete Rift Quests (I solo this one. You may use Holy Grail’s if you have the Meatballs to spare, remember you can only purchase a max of 5x of each type of Holy Grail, therefore your alt will need to run a different rift to your main)

Back to your Main, Time to Farm!

ragnarok mobile switch character
I used to click “back to login” …
  1. Butterfly wing back to Prontera and switch back to Main (To switch characters go into more > settings > advanced settings tab > click switch > then select character you wish to switch to)
  2. Collect Buff Consumables from Kafra shared storage (if applicable)
  3. Eat Food Buffs
  4. Grab that Free Warm Meal
  5. Eat Meal B (For Premium Players) and purchase one for half price
  6. Teleport and go to Farming Location
  7. Begin Farming
  8. Activate 1x Lightning Chain (I initially use 1x Lightning Chain, this will cover 120 mins stamina. This is Free to Play friendly, as you will be able to use 1 a day, totaling 7 for your week)
  9. Consume 4x Converters and 4x Awakening Potions for non casters (I initially use 4x Converters and Awakening Pots as with Lightning Chain active this will again cover 120 stamina)
  10. Consume 1x B Dish that you purchased for half price (For Premium). You will now have 2x B Dish active covering 120mins of stamina. (For free to play players feel free to substitute this with 2x A Dish

More Monster Resistance and Farming

ragnarok mobile farm orc archers

After 120mins of stamina (This will take 60mins with your Lightning Chain active)

  1. Teleport back to Prontera to accept another Monster Resistance quest
  2. Teleport back to Farming Location and resume farming. You should now have 240 stamina left. IF YOU HAVE PREMIUM use 2x Lightning Chain, 8x Converters, 8x Awakening Potions to exactly cover the remainder of your stamina. Hence why I like to start with 360 stamina before farming. Of course you can listen to the Music Box after you use your initial 120 stamina but I like to burn all my stamina in one go. Now for the free to play players you will want to save your Lightning Chains as you are limited to 7 a week. Additionally you will need to consume 16x converters and awakening potions to cover the rest of your stamina.

Note: You will need to decide whether using converters, awakening potions and meal dishes is worth it. If you think the extra cost isn’t worth it then simply omit these consumables from your daily routine. However personally I’ve found that once you hit mid game (Lvl 50+) you will defiantly want to start considering its use as by then you will likely be able to afford these buffs and additionally the extra exp and loot will make up for the additional cost.

Assistance Rewards

ragnarok mobile assistant rewards

By now you should have completed enough tasks to collect all your daily assistance rewards:

  • 5x Meatballs
  • 20x Pink Poring Eden Coins
  • 1x Pink Big Cat Voucher
  • 10k Zeny
  • 1x Blue Big Cat Voucher

Ok I’m Done. Now what?

Weekly Tasks

ragnarok mobile atroce
  • Endless Tower – Extremely Important as it provides a weekly boost to your MVP and Mini-MVP drops. These include boss materials, pet taming items and MVP gear including a chance for Orleans’s Gloves and Nile’s Bracelet. Tip: If you have an alt make sure you run ET with it too!
  • Guild Valhalla Ruins – Costs silver medals however you can run these for more boss loot and can rerun for exp even whilst in Red Stamina

Additional Tasks

  • Quests – These are labelled by Red (main quests) and Green (side quests) exclamation marks on your mini map. It’s more of an extra game feature if you get bored. Call it Ragnarok Mobile Story Mode if you will.
  • Guild Dojo – Once off areas you can clear for contribution points
  • PvP Arena – I did this daily to collect Fighter Coins to purchase
    Marchosias’ Tail
  • Cooking – I purchase premium ingredients and cook more food buffs when I need to restock
  • Zodiac Quest – A long winded questionnaire you can complete if you have a buddy/alt. It provides a Galaxy Crystals which can be exchanged for cool looking headgear
  • Greedy Shop – Available late game (We will do a separate guide for this)
  • Mentor Tasks – Available at Lv 85. (anyone under this level can be a student! – We will do a separate guide for this)


Well that’s it for now. Although the number of tasks may seem quite overwhelming, especially to someone new to the game. However once you get into the swing of things you’ll be able to quickly breeze through it all.