ragnarok mobile steam goblin card

In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love players are given the option to craft cards. Not all cards can be crafted and some cards can only be obtained via crafting (Star cards). But what’s the point if we can just purchase them from the exchange? Well in Ragnarok Mobile many cards have a loot bonus. Essentially this bonus is unlocked for players when RNG blesses them with a card drop (you can also draw the card).

ragnarok mobile steam goblin crit dmg 5%

Now some of these bonuses are quite useful. Probably the most notably being +5% Crit Damage provided by the Goblin Archer and Steam Goblin cards. So you really want that Crit Boost but for some reason RNG doesn’t take kindly to you. Luckily for the unlucky ones … Gravity has made it such that crafting the card will also qualify for these bonuses.

ragnarok mobile king poring

Take me to the crafting table! First head to Prontera South and speak to King Poring and choose “Haute Couture“. You’ll find him sitting on his throne just as you leave Prontera.

Once you have the required cards, click craft, pay the fee and you’ll receive your crafted card. Don’t forget to open your Adventure Handbook to unlock the loot bonus. After that you can use the card, deposit the card for additional bonuses or even sell the card (the loot bonus is permanent).

Note: Crafting star cards will require Gram Dust. This crafting material is awarded through Card Decomposition also found via King Poring. The amount of gram dust given varies and depends on the quality of card sacrificed:

Card QualityGram Dust

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