You can fix broken windows in Project Zomboid by replacing them, just pick up a window with a crowbar. Here’s how it works.

Replace Broken Windows

  1. Req. Lv. 2 Carpentry, Crowbar and Hammer
  2. Pick up a replacement window in good condition. Any type from another house will fit but you might want a matching one for aesthetic purposes.
  3. You may need to press “R” to cycle through objects on the tile to select the window.
  4. Windows facing South West and South East may need to be picked up from the outside of the house. This can be difficult when not on the ground floor.
  5. Remove the broken window. If you need to replace a South West or South East window on a second floor it may be easier to just destroy the broken window with a Sledgehammer.
  6. With the new window in your inventory use the Place function to install the new window.

Fancy Windows

Unfortunately in vanilla Zomboid non standard windows cannot be picked up and replaced. These include some of the fancier windows found on premium homes.

For some of the windows you can destroy the frame with a Sledgehammer and place down a standard window. However this doesn’t restore the windows original look.