Ragnarok Mobile Refine Event provide discounts on normal refine and safe refine. Here’s a table listing how much you can save by making use of these events.

Normal Refine

In terms of normal refine only a discount is applied to the refine fee. Each level of refine will still require 1x Elunium/Oridecon.

Refine To LevelFee (Zeny)Fee (Zeny)
(50% Discount)
Total Difference(275,000)
Discount rates based off Jojo Event

Safe Refine

As you can see Safe Refine is where considerable savings can be made. This is because the discount is not only applied to the refining fee but also the amount of Oridecon/Elunium and Equipment copies required.

This can be quite significant as going up to +10 can potentially cost 5 less copies of the equipment. That can be easily millions of zeny depending on the item being refined.

Refine To LevelFee (Zeny)Oridecon/Elunium**EquipFee (Zeny)
(20% Discount)
(20% Discount)
(20% Discount)
Total Difference(1,214,000)(38)(5)
Discount rates based off Jojo Event

**Equip - Refers to additional copies of item being refined


Q: Can I use broken equipment for repairing
A: Yes

Q: Can I use broken equipment for safe refine
A: Yes