Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP adds Cake Battle, a weekly Tower Defense instance to the game. Let’s take a look at how it works and why you shouldn’t miss out.

Base Lv. 80 is required to enter Cake Battle.

How To Cake Battle

Cake Battle is a party instance. You can have a max of 6 players in your party.

To enter the instance the party leader can speak to Elnie the Battle of Cake NPC found in Izlude (See Above).

A maximum of 4 rewards can be obtained per week (Account Wide). It costs 60 stamina per battle. Beating only 0-4 waves is counted as a fail and will not deduct stamina or count to your weekly limit.

Tower Defense

Cake Battle is a Tower Defense instance. There are a total of 15 waves to defend against. Beating them all gives the best rewards.

Each wave monsters will move along the path and make their way to your cake. Should they reach it your cake will lose HP.

The instance ends once you beat 15 waves or when your cake reaches 0% HP.

The Towers

There are 3 towers in the instance (Purple, Blue and Green). You will find them near the beginning of the path.

Defeating waves will reward Crystals which can be used to level up towers for special effects:

  • Purple (Destruction Tower)
    Lv.3 – Earth Grave (Deals AoE Magic Damage)
    Lv.4 – Earthquake (Deals AoE Magic Damage)
  • Blue (Frost Tower)
    Lv.3 – Absolute Zero Skill (Freeze all monsters on the map for 10secs)
    Lv.4 – Storm Gust (Deals AoE Water Magic Damage, slightly repels and has chance to Freeze targets)
    Lv. 4 – Diamond Dust (Deals Water Magic Damage and has chance to Freeze targets for 2.5secs)
  • Green (Suppression Tower)
    Lv. 3 – Control Mode (Defense Buff to nearby players)
    Lv. 4 – Chain Lightning (Wind Damage with bounce)
    Lv. 4 – Comet Crash (AoE Fire Damage)

The Rewards

Waves CompletedReward
0-4No rewards
Stamina not deducted.
Attempt not counted to weekly limit
5-101x Snow Marshmallow
11-141x Snow Marshmallow + 1x Star Strawberry
151x Snow Marshmallow + 3x Star Strawberry

Snow Marshmallow can be exchanged for a variety of headwear cosmetics. Purchasing them will give the crafted headwear itself and give the unlock bonus in your Adventure Handbook.

Make the most of these weekly rewards. Some of the headwear rewards would normally cost you millions to craft!

10x Star Strawberries can be exchanged for an Opal Box. Which can be opened for a random Headwear. Headwear from the Opal Box does not trigger crafting rewards.

From the reward rates listed above a maximum of 4 Snow Marshmallows can be earned per week.

Don’t worry too much about team performance. Whilst it’s nice to get the Star Strawberries. You are essentially guaranteed 4 Snow Marshmallows. As you only need to pass 5 waves 4 times, which isn’t much to ask for.

Make sure you use your Snow Marshmallows as any unspent is removed weekly.


Bit of a summary and recap:

How many attempts can I make at Cake Battle?
As much as you like

Will I get rewards each time?
Rewards are given if you beat 5 or more waves. You can receive a maximum of 4x rewards per week.

Can I use my alts?
Yes, but the 4x rewards are account wide. So overall you can only receive rewards 4 times per account.

It costs stamina?
Successful attempts will cost 60 stamina. Fails ie beating 0-4 waves will not deduct stamina or count to your 4x weekly limit.

What if I leave?
Leaving is the same as a fail. As no rewards are given, stamina will not be deducted and will not count towards your weekly limit.

After my 4x limit can I help my friends?
Yes, you can help carry your friends. Additional attempts beyond your 4x weekly limit will not cost stamina. But will not give you any additional rewards.

Can I save up my rewards?
Unspent Snow Marshmallows are removed weekly. Star Strawberries will remain.