How to beat Spiral Abyss Floor 9 in Genshin Impact. Here’s a guide with tips to help you clear the floor.

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Party Setup

Primary DPS Lv. 80+
Supports Lv. 50+

Element 1Element 2Element 3Healer
First Half

(F2P Suggestions)

(Anemo Traveler)



Second Half

(F2P Suggestions)



Your Primary DPS can fit into any of the element slots.

**Geo is optional. However specifically Noelle is great as she can fill the Healer role and help deal with the Geo Shields in the final chamber.

Read more about shield counters.

Ley Line Disorder

  • Pyro DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.
  • Electro DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.
  • Overload DMG increased by 200%.

Making use of the Ley Line Disorder on this floor is extremely important. Thankfully there’s a good number of Electro and Pyro monsters in both Chambers 1 and 2 making it easy to proc Overload.

Chamber 1

  1. [First Half] Wait for the Pyro icon to appear on the Pyro Slime. Then use your Anemo Elemental Burst. Your aim is to swirl Pyro and apply Overload to the Electro Slimes. This attack will provide great crowd control as well as deal massive damage. Anemo Traveler is great for this. Venti is good but it’s harder to ensure that Pyro is swirled and not Electro.
  2. [First Half] Finish off the leftover Pyro Slimes with your DPS and Electro attacks.
  1. [Second Half] Again we are going to deal with the Electro Slimes first. Use your Pyro Elemental Burst to apply Overload to them. Xiangling is great for this.
  2. [Second Half] Again you will likely have Pyro Slimes left over. Use your DPS and Electro attacks to finish them off. If you are using Xiangling continue to use your Elemental Skill throughout the battle to regen your Elemental Burst.
  3. [Second Half] Aim to end with both your Electro and Pyro Elemental Burst attacks charged for the next chamber.

Chamber 2

  1. [First Half] There’s a lot of enemies to deal with. This is where the crowd control from your Anemo Elemental Burst Skill comes in handy. Anemo Traveler is good but Sucrose or Venti it even better.
  2. [First Half] Again the aim is to make use of Overload. To make things easier apply Pyro to an enemy first before using your Anemo Elemental Burst. Then proceed to use Electro attacks for Overload. Depending on your lineup you may want to apply Electro first instead.
  1. [Second Half] Use your Electro and Pyro Elemental Burst together on the group of enemies. There aren’t as many to deal with compared to the first chamber but they are much more durable.
  2. [Second Half] The Cryogunner has an Aura so try to focus it down with your DPS first.
  3. [Second Half] Ideally take out the Geochanter next as its shield is the hardest for your lineup to deal with.
  4. [Second Half] You have your Cryo for the Electro Fatui Shield and Pyro for the Cryogunner Shield.
  5. [Second Half] Try to not cast abilities when the Anemoboxer has its shield up.

Chamber 3

  1. [First Half] The Stonehide Lawachurl can be quite annoying to deal with. Especially if your main DPS isn’t durable. The constant knock up can be a nightmare so you’ll want to avoid a drawn out fight. Focus the Lawachurl and use Geo/Overload to quickly deplete its shield. Whilst it looks beefy the Lawachurl is actually not that durable without its shield.
  2. [First Half] The Geovishap Hatchling will drop shards. Picking them up will generate a shield that will help you survive the attacks.
  3. [Second Half] You will have a bit of experience against Ruin Guards from Floor 8. Make use of your Pyro and Electro combo for Overload damage.

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