ragnarok mobile space time rift

The Space Time Rift (Al De Baran Rift) is unlocked upon reaching Level 90. Just like with all other Rifts you can create a solo party and enter the instance.

Where To Enter The Space Time Rift

ragnarok mobile space time rift npc

You do not need to visit a Rift Monitor for the Space Time Rift. Instead simply head to the center of Al De Baran and speak to Elvis the Spacetime Nightmare Rift NPC.

Rift Quest: 5 Parts

ragnarok mobile space time rift areas

The Space Time Rift has 5 parts. Once you complete one part you can then move onto the next. Upon completing each part you will receive rift rewards. This is equivalent to completing a single regular rift instance. Therefore completing all 5 parts of the Space Time Rift will satisfy your daily Rift Quota. Lets have a look at what each part involves:

Part 1: Tortured Soul (Clock Tower Manager)
Pretty straight forward. First defeat some Guardian of Spacetime (Alarms) then focus down (ignore ads) the Tortured Soul.

Part 2: Angry Spacetime Sorceress (Black Witch)
When heading from to Part 2 feel free to ignore the mobs along the way. Once you’re in the Part 2 area defeat the spawned mobs then proceed to focus down the Spacetime Sorceress.

Part 3: Time Keeper (Clock)
This is the hardest part due to reflect damage. If you have a Preist proceed to kill the Time Keeper.

2-2-1 Strategy

No Preist, No Problem. Simply exit the Rift and re-enter. Complete Part 1-2 again, exit re-enter and complete Part 1 to finish your daily Rift Quest Quota. This is commonly known as 2-2-1. Don’t worry the rewards in all parts are the same.

Part 4: Kill The Real Space Manipulator (Elder).
The real one has more hp.

Part 5: Kill Spacetime Nightmare (Time Holder)
Defeat the demon’s servants (Trash mobs). Fight the Angry Marionette (No Reflect this time). Kill the Spacetime Nightmare. Don’t worry this isn’t a real Time Holder, it’s much weaker. It can still pack a punch, but ifyou’ve managed to get past Part 3 this shouldn’t be a problem.


ragnarok mobile super boost and memory gem

Notable rewards include Memory Gem (For high tier weapon/armor upgrades) and Super Boost (For high tier accessory upgrades).

Space Time Rift vs Other Rifts

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Advantages of Spacetime Rift

  • Can complete daily rift quota in one go
  • High Value items drop more frequently

Advantages of Other Rifts

  • Accessory drop has higher value
  • Can insta complete Rift with Holy Grails
  • Easier to Solo Rift


The drop rate of accessories is very low. You can go weeks without getting any. Choosing which rift will largely depend on the value of Accessories vs Memory Gem/Super Boost. Beware, the Space Time Rift is quite difficult to solo. Finding randoms to party with will get easier as more players reach level 90, if you must solo you’d have a much easier time with the other Rifts.