Spamming skills like Meteor Storm is quite mana hungry, here’s what you can do to increase SP Regen to get you closer to that Unli SP worry free farming setup.

1. Cards

The below cards and their slot, deposit and loot effects will improve your SP Regen.

Whilst Sohee Card also provides SP Regen, Eggyra Card is the superior option.

Eggyra Card
Int +2, SP Regen +5
Sohee Card
Max SP +15%, SP Regen +2
Incubus Card
Max SP +200, SP Regen +15%
Magnolia Card
(Deposit Effect)
SP Regen +1
Wild Rose Star Card
(Deposit Effect)
SP Regen +1%
Incubus Card
(Loot Effect)
Sp Regen +1%

2. Sohee Pet

The Sohee pet provides a passive +10% SP Regen when its Ice Ode skill is Lv 10. You can capture one with the Silver Knife of Chastity taming item.

Looking for that 100% Pet Capture Chance?

3. Int Stats

Allocating stat points to Intelligence will increase SP Regen. This works perfectly for Int based jobs like the Wizard. Every 6 points in Int will increase SP Regen by 1.

4. Food

If the above two points aren’t enough to reach SP Regen you can meet the remaining SP consumption needs with Food.

Eating Hot Meal and Warm Meal will give SP Storage. Additionally you will receive SP Discharge from eating cooked meals. Simply cook consume cheap 1-Star meals to build up your discharge reserves.

Check out all the cooking food buff recipes.

5. Play Dead

Still not enough. As a last resort you can place the Play Dead skill in your auto skill slot.

Your character will automatically use the skill to recover SP when depleted. However this will slow down your farming rate so it is not recommended.

6. Home Rating

Raising your Home Rating to Lv. 2 will increase SP recovery speed by 5%. You will need to be at least Base Level 70 and have unlocked the Homeland Housing Feature to do this.