The Unskillful Hunter is back bearing more Gifts. This time to reward the hardworking players of Ragnarok Mobile with a selection of 1z Shop Items.

The NPC is available in both Global and SEA

Shop Items

Make the most of these 1 Zeny Rewards. Head to Prontera to find the Unskillful Hunter Celebration Feedback NPC (See Above).

Purchasing the shop items will however require meeting certain Adventure Handbook requirements.


Fantasy Generator I Appreciation - 2020
Open to obtain 1 random headwear of blue quality of above that was released before January 2020Unlock 200 Headwear

Fantasy Generator III Appreciation - 2020
Open to obtain 1 Fantasy Generator III CardUnlock 150 Headwear

Cute Pet Appreciation - 2020
Open up to get a Pet Monster Egg
(Not including Event Pets)
Unlock 50 Headwear

Ancient Magic Card Album
Use it to obtain a card from card resetting that has not been lit up in the Adventure HandbookUnlock 200 Feats

Hardcover Emil's Card Album
It contains more rare cards. Player can receive the cards in it when it is all collected.Unlock 150 Feats

Gorgeous Card Album
Cards opened in the Gorgeous Card Album can unlock Adventure HandbookUnlock 100 Feats