The Magic Sewing Machine Guild Facility in Ragnarok Mobile can be used to upgrade your gear with Sewing Reinforce and Mithril Refine.

Sewing Reinforce

Sewing Reinforce is similar to Equipment Enhance. You don’t have to upgrade the equipment itself, instead you upgrade the equipment slot.

Upgrades cost Mithril (combine 5x Mithril Stone) and a bit of zeny. There are 4 slots to upgrade (Off-hand, Armor, Muffler and Footgears). All upgrades give your character additional Max HP.

Typically 1 Mithril will cost you 25k zeny. Upgrading to level 70 will cost 360 Mithril plus 1,949,958 zeny. At level 70 the Off-hand and Armor slots will give 3,600 Max HP whilst the Muffler and Footgears slots will give 2,400 Max HP.

Upgrading all 4 slots to level 70 will cost 43,799,832 zeny and will give 12,000 Max HP.

Mithril Refine

Mithril Refine is where you can upgrade Headwear, Face, Mouth, Back and Tail equipment. It’s where you can upgrade your equipment for those handbook deposit stats.

Just like with regular gear you’ll be able to safe refine them too (instead of Oridecon upgrades will cost Mithril).

Before you can upgrade your gear your Guild must have first build the Sewing Machine facility. Additionally it must be upgraded for functions:

Sewing Machine LevelUnlock RefineRefine Level Cap