How to beat Spiral Abyss Floor 7 in Genshin Impact. Here’s a guide with tips to help you clear the floor.

Party Setup

Recommended Primary DPS Lv. 60+

Below are the recommended elements to have. You will also need a primary DPS for your party (which can also fit one of these elements).

First Halfpyro

For Cryogunner (Cryo Shield)

For Fatui Skirmisher (Electro Shield).
Also good against Hydrogunner (Hydro Shield).

For Hydrogunner (Hydro Shield)
F2P SuggestionsXianglingLisaKaeya
Second Halfpyro

For Cryogunner (Cryo Shield)

For Pyroslinger (Pyro Shield)

For Geochanter (Geo Shield)
F2P SuggestionsAmberBarbaraTraveler (Geo)
There is a Geochanter in the First Half of Chamber 2. You can add a Geo character to your party to help deal with it. Otherwise you can also make use of Overload (Pyro + Electro).

Read more about shield counters.

Ley Line Disorder

  • CRIT hits will generate Elemental Particles and Orbs. Can only occur once every 15s.
  • CRIT DMG dealt by all party members increased by 120%.

Boosting crit rate on your primary DPS can be beneficial here especially if they haven’t reached 50% crit rate.

Chamber 1

  1. [First Half] Focus the Hydrogunner first as it has the ability to heal its allies. (Use Electro against its Hydro Shield, Cryo is also helpful as it will apply Freeze).
  2. [First Half] Fatui Skirmisher (Use Cryo against its Electro Shield).
  3. [First Half] Cryogunner (Use Pyro against its Cryo Shield). Try to avoid using Barbara’s Elemental Skill around the Cryogunner so that you don’t get frozen.
  4. [Second Half] Pyroslinger (Use Hydro against its Pyro Shield).
  5. [Second Half] Avoid using skill abilities against the Anemo Boxer when its shield is up.

Chamber 2

  1. [First Half] Target the Geochanter first if you do not have a Geo character in your team. If it puts up its shield use Overload (Pyro + Electro)
  2. [Second Half] Geochanter (Use Geo against its Geo Shield).

Chamber 3

  1. [First Half] Again focus the Hydrogunner first to prevent it from its healing allies.
  2. [Second Half] Take out the Fatui Skirmisher first, ideally before the Electro Shield is activated.

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