ragnarok mobile glc.a014 file collectible

The “GLC.A014 File” Collectible reward is awarded upon collecting Volsung Emblem, Sigouney’s Plan, Smfiotelli’s Valor, Gram Sword, Gudrun’s Love, Brunhilde Flame, Siegel’s Death, Nibelungen Ring and finally the GLC.A014 File itself. It provides MaxHP +15.

Unlock GLC.A014 File

First head to Glast Heim Outskirt. This time you will find 8 Golden Stars on your mini-map. Speak to the “stars” and they will task you with collecting dragon blood (Simply kill either a sky petite, green petite or ferus on the map). You will then be given a star for your efforts. Take your stars to Gemini Anne and Gemini Hal. They will trade you a collectible for each of your stars. Once you have all 8 rewards head to the Stardust Observer (Mysterious Investigator). Defeat a Dark Leader. Then answer the question “They are called the black army. They are also known by another name…” Answer: “The Light of the Stars”. You will then be rewarded the GLC.A014 File itself.