ragnarok mobile quiver

If you’re a Sniper in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love you’ll likely want to craft the quiver. It boasts Ranged Atk +7% and is the F2P (Free to Play) BIS (best in slot) back piece for Snipers. It is currently only rivaled by the Canon Champagne Gacha item (not in Global yet).

Before you decide to go craft the Quiver here’s a summary of all the materials you’ll need:

  • 60x Zircon! (45x for the blueprint + 15x for Crafting)
  • 270x Sticky Mucus
  • 17x Coal
  • 3x Fabric!!!

Crafting Goblin’s Quiver

First head to the Goblin Forest (West of Geffen) and speak with Addie West Road. You will find him in the top right hand corner. He will trade you the Quiver Blueprint for 45 Zircons! Ok … so you scrounge up all your Zircons and hand them over while muttering under your breath. (Btw need more Zircons? Every now and then you’ll be able to exchange 40 Poring Eden Coins for 1 Zircon at the lucky shop).

To craft the Quiver you will need, another 15 Zircon, 270 Sticky Mucus, 17 Coal and 3 Fabric.

Sounds good … so is it worth getting?

First off, you’ll probably start looking at getting this item once you hit sniper. Since the quiver gives a percentage increase to your attack, the more base attack you have the greater the benefit you’ll receive. Therefore you probably wouldn’t need it early on … not that you’d be able to afford it anyway. +7% Ranged Damage is quite a huge gain. Just for comparison Tights III/Ranger Clothes gives +8% Atk and Cat Ear Beret gives +5% Atk both of which are relatively more expensive to attain. If you’ve reached Sniper, the quiver is a great item to start working towards.