The best Arknights beginner operators you can invest into. They have great late game potential and deserve a spot in your main squad.

Go ahead and level them, promote them to E1 and up their skills to Level 4. These 3 and 4 Star Operators are easy to obtain and cost effective to upgrade.

Make use of them. It’s going be to a while before you reach that 6 Star end game squad.

1. Amiya

5 Star (Caster – ST)

The face of Arknights, the main character if you will, Amiya is a Single Target Caster that everyone for free right from the start!

Heavy Armor is one of the hurdles to overcome in the early chapters of Arknights. Investing in Amiya will help you cruise past these stages.

So unless you were lucky enough to land Eyjafjalla (6 Star), Amiya is an obvious choice to add to your squad.

2. Cuora

4 Star (Defender)

A super durable Defender. She’s quite easy to obtain and once you get her you can bench that Beagle as Cuora is far superior.

At Skill Level 4 her ability increases her defense by 35%. At E1 she gains the ability that grants Block +1, Def +75% and restores HP by +1% of Max HP per second (Skill level 4).

Somehow rolled Hoshiguma (6 Star), Cuora is still a great secondary tank. One of the few 4 Star operators that is useful in the late game.

3. ShiraYuki

4 Star (Sniper – AoE)

An AoE Sniper with slow? ShiraYuki really starts to shine at E1 where her shuriken gains the ability to slow and deal damage over time. Yup, it spins in place shredding enemies that pass by.

Again quite easy to obtain and is often the only worthwhile AoE Sniper you’ll come by for a while.

4. Courier

4 Star (Vanguard)

A defense focused Vanguard that intermittently generates Deployment Points for the player.

What makes him special? Well … he is easily obtainable via the Friendship Shop Credit Store.

Outclassed by Siege (6 Star) and Texas (5 Star) but unless you have them both Courier is quite capable of filling that 2nd Vanguard spot in your squad.

5. Lava

3 Star (Caster – AoE)

Let’s say you didn’t roll Ifrit (6 Star) or Skyfire (5 Star). Well you still need an AoE Caster. Great news the game gives you one for Free!

Just like the other operators listed here, level her, promote her to E1 and up her skill to Level 4.

When you do roll Ifrit/Skyfire you can replace her. But until then Lava is a solid choice.

6. Vigna

4 Star (Vanguard)

A bit on the squishy side but she does absolutely insane damage. At E1 her Level 4 skill adds 120% Atk!

Vigna is a top tier DP on Kill Vanguard. This can be quite useful on levels where Deployment Points aren’t passively generated.

7. Kroos

3 Star (Sniper – ST)

Known for her catchphrase “Koko Daiyo”. Kroos is a Sniper that you’ll unlock very early in the game.

But once you get Exusiai you can move Kroos to the bench and never hear that phrase again. Or just use Jessica …

8. Ansel

3 Star (Medic – ST)

Your squad is going to need a healer. For many players its going to be a choice between Ansel or Hibiscus.

There isn’t too much difference between the two (you will probably need both).

But one advantage with Ansel is that at E1 he has a chance at healing an additional operator.

9. Melantha

3 Star (Guard)

For a 3 Star operator Melantha boasts very good stats. Being a 3 Star, she is cheap to upgrade saving your resources that can be better spent on other classes.

You can replace her with Franka (5 Star) down the track. But for now Melantha is more than enough.

10. Gummy

4 Star (Defender)

So you didn’t pull Saria (6 Star). That’s ok Gummy will do just fine for now. As a 4 Star she’s quite easy to obtain.

However if you’re in a rush she’s also available as part of the 99 cents Start Pack from the store.

Shes a Healing Defender and one of the more worthwhile and easier ones to obtain.

Pair her with Cuora and you’ll have a very strong Defender duo that will last you quite a while.

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