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Upgrade to adventurer rank Scout. Unlock Adventurer Skills! Therefore never having to move again … (for ranged only).

First off here’s what adventurer skills you can buy at Adventurer Rank Apprentice (You start with this adventurer class).

  • 1,000z – Auto Combat Slot (Get this right away!)
  • 10,000z – Large Backpack (+20 Bag slots)

Upgrade to Adventurer Rank Scout Guide

adventure scout upgrade kakaro ragnarok mobile

Go talk to kakarot from dragon ball kakaro. You can find him right at the top area of Prontera. He will then tell you to go speak to Charlie.

You can find Charlie in the bottom area of Prontera West Gate. He will tell you to take a photo of a yoyo in a specific area. This area will be highlighted on your mini map after you activate the quest.

photo of yoyo ragnarok mobile

Next take your photo to Charlie. He will tell you to kill 100 Rockers. After receiving the quest go kill the rockers, speak to Charlie one last time and head back to Kakaro for your promotion to Adventurer Class Scout.

What you get

  • Stay Alert – Stand still and fight
  • Falcon Perception – See Mini-MVP on mini map
  • Ghost Camera – Reveal Ghosts
  • Wide Angle – Expands photo camera zoom
  • Close-up Shot – Zoom in closer with camera
  • Emoji Master – Send emoji when you join hands to give your partner effects
  • Storage Genius – +20 Slots for Personal Storage

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